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Framework30 Categories and Outcomes

In the summer of 2012, a steering committee comprising 17 faculty members—one from each CSCU institution—created a framework for a 30-31 credit competency-based general education core as part of 60-61 credit transfer pathways to be completed at the community colleges. This “Framework30” was voted on by all colleges and universities and approved by the BOR in fall 2012 for implementation in the system. Faculty work groups developed learning outcomes for the Framework30.

Concluding in Fall 2023 the Framework30 has been edited to include updated categories and Student Learning Outcomes.


Framework30 Student Learning Outcomes: Rubrics

As of the Spring of 2023 the rubrics for the Framework30 Student Learning Outcomes have been updated

Common Package

The General Education courses in the Framework30 will, in general, not transfer course-by-course. They will transfer as a block of 30-31 credits from a Connecticut Community College and count as an agreed upon 30-31 credits of general education (as part of a completed CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree) at the receiving CSU or Charter Oak State College . The receiving block of credits, which varies by CSU and CO, is referred to as the "Common Package." The Common Packages do not transfer as a block from one CSU or Charter Oak to another CSU or Charter Oak.


Additional General Education

Programs can include up to six additional credits of general education beyond the required Framework30. The two additional categories are Creativity and Global Knowledge



Completed Outcome Confirmation Documents by College

Framework30 & Additional General Education Course Lists by College
Framework30 Assessment