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BOR Members

Thirteen members are appointed by the governor and legislative leaders, two are students chosen by their peers, and six non-voting ex-officio members.


  • Matt Fleury


    Matt Fleury

    Matt Fleury has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Connecticut Science Center since 2009.
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  • Merle W. Harris

    Vice Chair

    Merle W. Harris

    Merle W. Harris has 45 years of educational experience, serving in several positions at institutions of higher education, in Connecticut.
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  • Richard J. Balducci

    Richard J. Balducci

    Richard J. Balducci of Deep River is vice president of Doyle, D'Amore and Balducci in Hartford and former Speaker of the House.
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  • Aviva D. Budd

    Aviva D. Budd

    Ms. Budd is an attorney and independent real estate investor.
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  • Naomi K. Cohen

    Naomi K. Cohen

    Naomi K. Cohen has served in numerous educational leadership positions, including House Chair of the CT General Assembly’s Education Committee.
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  • Felice Gray-Kemp

    Felice Gray-Kemp

    A legal executive with expertise in in U.S. and international commercial law for Fortune 500 industrial, technology and iconic consumer product companies.
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  • Holly Howery

    Holly Howery

    In 2018, Holly was appointed by Governor Malloy to serve on the Board of Regents for Higher Education.
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  • David R. Jimenez

    David R. Jimenez

    David R. Jimenez is a Shareholder at Jackson Lewis. He is the Co-Chair of the firm’s Corporate Governance Practice Group as well as a member of the Class Action Practice Group.
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  • JoAnn Ryan

    JoAnn Ryan

    JoAnn Ryan, President/CEO of the Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce
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  • Elease E. Wright

    Elease E. Wright

    Elease Wright was appointed to the Board of Regents for Higher Education in 2014 and serves as a member of the Board’s Executive Committee, Human Resource and Education Committee, and is Chair of the Audit Committee.
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Ex-Officio Members

  • David Lehman

    David Lehman

    Department of Economic and Community Development
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  • Colena Sesanker

    Colena Sesanker

    Dr. Colena Sesanker is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Gateway Community College and Vice Chair of the Faculty Advisory Committee to the Board of Regents.
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  • David Blitz

    David Blitz

    David Blitz is Professor of Philosophy at Central Connecticut State University and Chair of the Faculty Advisory Committee to the Board of Regents.
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  • Kurt Westby

    Kurt Westby

    Commissioner of Labor
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  • Deidre S. Gifford

    Deidre S. Gifford

    Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH)
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  • Miguel A. Cardona

    Miguel A. Cardona

    Department of Education
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Comments & Questions

Questions regarding the Connecticut Board of Regents should be addressed to Pam Heleen, Office of Board Affairs, at 860-723-0013 or