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CSCU leadership works with the campus leaders, faculty, and staff to help increase the educational attainment and workforce development of Connecticut's adult population.

Executive Staff

  • Mark E. Ojakian

    President, Connecticut State Colleges & Universities

    Mark E. Ojakian

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  • Jane McBride Gates

    Provost & Senior VP Academic & Student Affairs

    Jane McBride Gates

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  • Elsa Núñez

    Vice President for State Universities

    Elsa Núñez

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Senior Staff

Name Title Contact
Leigh Appleby Director of Communications 860-723-0617
Benjamin Barnes Chief Financial Officer 860-723-0251
Alexandra Beaudoin Director of Government Relations 860-723-0017
Erin Fitzgerald Associate Director for Board Affairs 860-723-0013
William J. Gammell, Ph.D. Director of Research & System Effectiveness 860-723-0054
Andrew Kripp Vice President for Human Resources 860-723-0604
Alice Pritchard Chief of Staff 860-723-0016
Joe Tolisano Chief Information Officer 860-723-0125
Ernestine Y. Weaver Counsel 860-723-0114

CSU/COSC Presidents

President/CEO Institution
Zulma Toro Central Connecticut
Ed Klonoski Charter Oak
Elsa Núñez Eastern Connecticut
Joe Bertolino Southern Connecticut
John B. Clark Western Connecticut

CCC Presidents/CEOs

President/CEO Institution
Rob Steinmetz Regional President, Capital-East (Capital, Manchester, Middlesex, Three Rivers, Quinebaug Valley)
James Lombella Regional President, North-West (Asnuntuck, Naugatuck Valley, Northwestern, Tunxis)
Thomas Coley Regional President, Shoreline-West (Gateway, Housatonic, Norwalk)
Michelle Coach Asnuntuck
G. Duncan Harris Capital
Paul Broadie II Gateway
Paul Broadie II Housatonic
Tanya Millner-Harlee Manchester
Steven Minkler Middlesex
Daisy Cocco De Filippis Naugatuck Valley
Michael Rooke Northwestern CT
Cheryl C. De Vonish Norwalk
Rose Ellis Quinebaug Valley
Mary Ellen Jukoski Three Rivers
Darryl Reome Tunxis