Veteran Services

Veterans and active military members who choose to attend CSCU are a valued and vital component of the community. It's important to recognize and honor their sacrifices and value their life experiences as they broaden the diversity of the staff, faculty and student body.

Veteran Services
Veterans Tuition Waiver


Veteran Services Photo State statutes provide that tuition at Connecticut public colleges and universities may be waived for:
  • eligible veterans;
  • active members of the Connecticut Army and Air National Guard;
  • any Connecticut resident who is a dependent child or a surviving spouse of a member of the Armed Forces killed in action on or after September 11, 2001 who was a Connecticut resident; and
  • state residents who are dependent children of a person whom the Armed Forces has declared to be either missing in action or a prisoner of war while serving in the Armed Forces after January 1, 1960.

The state tuition waiver also covers the amount of tuition which exceeds the tuition benefit received under the federal 2008 Post-9/11 Veteran Educational Assistance Act.

College costs other than tuition - such as for books, student activity and course fees, parking and room and board - are not waived. When applying for admission or registering for courses, bring a copy of your separation paper (Form DD-214). Waivers may be reduced by the amount of education reimbursement you may receive from your employer.

General Information

Veteran Services Photo
  • Connecticut State Universities
    Veterans accepted for admission to Central, Eastern, Southern or Western Connecticut State University must be formally admitted for undergraduate or graduate study to receive the 100% tuition waiver for credit courses, although they do not have to declare a major initially. A 50% course fee waiver is offered for Extension Fund courses (summer and intersession credit courses).
  • Community Colleges
    The 12 Community Colleges waive tuition for full- or part-time credit study funded through the state's General Fund. The waiver, however, cannot be applied toward summer, intercession or Extension Fund courses.
  • Charter Oak State College
    Offers a 50% course fee waiver for eligible veterans who are matriculated.

How to Qualify

To be eligible at a public college or university, veterans must:

  • be honorably discharged or released under honorable conditions
    from active service in the U.S. Armed Forces (U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard). National Guard members, activated under Title 10 of the United States Code, also are included.
  • have served at least 90 or more cumulative days active duty
    in time of war (see Periods of Service) except if separated from service earlier because of a federal Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) rated service-connected disability; or the war, campaign or operation lasted less than 90 days and service was for the duration.
  • be accepted for admission
    at a Connecticut public college or university.
  • be domiciled in Connecticut
    at the time of acceptance, which includes domicile for less than one year.

Veteran Services
The ACE Military Guide for College Credit

Connecticut State Colleges & Universities proudly welcome military students who have served and/or are currently serving our country. It is possible that military service - training, coursework or occupation - can earn the equivalent of college credit towards a degree program.

The American Council of Education (ACE) recommends college credit for military service by collaborating with the U.S. Department of Defense to review military training and experiences, and recommend appropriate college credit for Armed Forces members. The ACE Military Guide presents ACE credit recommendations for formal courses and occupations offered by all branches of the military. You can search the ACE Military Guide for courses and occupations using the ACE identification number, military course number or title, training location, dates completed, or subject and level.

Read the full ACE Military Guide

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Veteran Services

Child of Deceased or Disabled Veteran Education Grant

Any child between the ages of sixteen and twenty-three, inclusive, of any person who served in the armed forces in time of war, as defined in subsection (a) of section 27-103, and who was killed in action or who died as a result of accident or illness sustained while performing active military duty with the armed forces of the United States or who has been rated totally and permanently disabled by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, or who is missing in action in Vietnam, if such person was a resident of this state at the time of his induction or reenlistment, shall receive, upon application to and approval of such application therefor by the Board of Regents for Higher Education, state aid for tuition, matriculation fees, board, room rent, books and supplies for such child attending any of the following-named institutions approved by said board: An educational or training institution of college grade or any other institution of higher learning or commercial training, a state college, a technical education and career school or technical institute or any accredited military preparatory school if such beneficiary is preparing to enter the United States Military Academy at West Point, the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, the United States Coast Guard Academy at New London or the United States Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs. The application submitted to the Board of Regents for Higher Education shall include an affidavit signed by the applicant which states that the applicant has not applied for and will not apply for or receive state aid from another state which is similar to that provided for in this section. Such grant may be used for the matriculation fees of any such beneficiary at any of said United States government academies. Such aid shall be based on need and shall not exceed four hundred dollars per year for each beneficiary and shall be paid to such institution on vouchers approved by the Board of Regents for Higher Education.

Applicants will need to supply documentation that parent was killed in action or who died as a result of accident or illness sustained while performing active military duty with the armed forces of the United States or who has been rated totally and permanently disabled by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.  Please submit these documents to the VA official on your campus.

Applicants are also required to apply for financial aid using the FAFSA form at  Please remember to check with your financial aid office to ensure your FAFSA file is complete. 

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