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Department of Finance

Developing and implementing fiscal and administrative policy, and providing professional advice, fiscal analysis and recommendations to the BOR on matters related to sound financial planning.


CSCU Students

The Finance Department develops and implements fiscal and administrative policy, and provides professional advice, fiscal analysis and recommendations to the BOR on matters related to sound financial planning, spending and revenue budgets, financial forecasts, and fiscal modeling.

The department manages and oversees accounting, financial reconciliation, fiscal reporting, internal and external audits, and the development and implementation of the biennial operating budget and interface with the capital budget for the system.

Staff monitor all financial accounts, budgets and financial condition for compliance with national accounting standards, budgetary and policy requirements and plans; direct the implementation and on-going maintenance of automated financial systems, system controls and user training and support; coordinate and develop the annual financial statements and provide system office financial and business office support functions.

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FY financial statements are published by the finance departments every January and are available for download and review below.

Budget & Actual Results

FY System File
2021 CSCU FY21 Mid-year Update Download (pdf - 1MB)
2017 CSCU FY17 Mid-year Update Download (pdf - 1MB)

Procurement Manual

Date System File
Effective July 1, 2021 CSCU Procurement Manual Download (pdf - 1MB)

Financial Statements

FY System File
2022 Community College Download (pdf)
2022 State Universities Download (pdf)
2022 Charter Oak Download (pdf)
2021 Community College Download (pdf)
2021 State Universities Download (pdf)
2021 Charter Oak Download (pdf)
2020 Community College Download (pdf - 2.4MB)
2020 State Universities Download (pdf - 1.4MB)
2020 Charter Oak Download (pdf - 2.1MB)
2019 Community Colleges Download (pdf - 2MB)
2019 State Universities Download (pdf - 1.1MB)
2019 Charter Oak Download (pdf - 2.3MB)
2018 Community Colleges Download (pdf - 1.3MB)
2018 State Universities Download (pdf - 1.1MB)
2018 Charter Oak Download (pdf - 2.3MB)
2017 Community Colleges Download (pdf - 4MB)
2017 State Universities Download (pdf - 4.4MB)
2017 Charter Oak Download (pdf - 3.5MB)
2016 Community Colleges Download (pdf - 1MB)
2016 State Universities Download (pdf - 1MB)
2016 Charter Oak Download (pdf - 1MB)
2015 Community Colleges Download (pdf - 1MB)
2015 State Universities Download (pdf - 1MB)
2015 Charter Oak Download (pdf - 2MB)
2014 Community Colleges Download (pdf - 1MB)
2014 State Universities Download (pdf)
2014 Charter Oak Download (pdf - 13MB)

Additional Documents

FY Title File
2019 2019 CSCU 2020 Audit Download (pdf)
2015 CSCU 2020 Construction Expenditures Download (pdf)
2014 CSUS 2020 Construction Expenditures Download (pdf)
2021 CSCU Terms & Conditions Download (pdf)
2022 CCC Policy Manual Download (pdf)
2022 CCC - Payment of Tuition, Fees, and Other Student Charges Download (pdf)