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FY22 & FY23 Management/Confidential Salary Range Plans

FY22 & FY23 Management/Confidential Salary Range Plans

Position Descriptions

CT State Community College Position Descriptions

If a Community College Professional (CCP) bargaining unit position states “Subject to Willis,” it means that position placement has been based on ratings by System Office staff and that it will be referred to the Rating Committee to be rated.

CCP = Community College Professional
MC = Management/Confidential
SWJD = System Wide Job Description

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Campus Positions

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Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Enrollment Management & Student Affairs

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CSCU Position Description Templates

The key to writing effective job descriptions is finding the perfect balance between providing enough detail so candidates and employees understand the role and CSCU, while keeping the description concise. The ideal job description is typically 2-3 pages in length.


Compensation, Benefits, & HR Administration oversees and manages forms for CSCU employees

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What We Do

  • Classification & compensation of unclas BU & non-represented M/C positions
  • Benefits management in on-boarding & open enrollments, leave admin, retirement service review & processing, benefits billing, compliance & audit
  • HR administration of CBA provisions & M/C Policy, FMLA & W/C compliance, CT/CSCU mandated training, personnel eval & PD, data queries & reporting

Interactions Within HRSS Structure

Who We Are

  • Mike Lopez
    Director of Compensation, Benefits, and HR Administration
    • Karla Desjardins
      Benefits & Retirement Specialist
    • Jacquie Swanson
      Classification & Compensation Analyst
    • Jonna-Lynn Deegan
      HR Data Analyst
      • Lori Angel
        HR Data Specialist
        TRCC, MxCC, Retirement Processing Team
      • Colleen Osborne
        HR Data Specialist
        NCC, HCC, System Office/CT State/EMSA (including BPOP NCLs), and the Leave Admin Team
      • Stephanie Wilcox
        HR Data Specialist
        QVCC, MCC (except PTLs), System Office, and the Leave Admin Team
      • Susan Wright
        HR Data Specialist
        NVCC, Charter Oak State College, and the Retirement Processing Team
      • Hilary Oziomek
        HR Data Specialist
        TxCC, GWCC (except NCLs, and Student Workers), and the Leave Admin Team
      • Samantha M Collins
        HR Data Specialist
        CCC, MCC (PTLs), and assisting with benefits processing
      • Marissa Greco
        HR Data Specialist
        GWCC NCLs and Student Workers, HCC and NCC NCLs and Student Workers
      • Jennifer Moffat
        HR Data Specialist
        NWCC and ACC