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Considering Retirement?
Join a Monthly Group Retirement Session

Please join our monthly group retirement sessions the first Wednesday and last Friday of every month at 1:00 PM. This session will review the retirement process and answer most frequently asked questions.

Please note that an individual counseling session will be scheduled with you closer to your retirement date and not earlier than 90 days from your retirement date. Individual appointments will be scheduled by priority of earliest retirement dates first.

Session Dates:
  • Sept 1, 1pm
  • Sept 24, 1pm
  • Oct 6, 1pm
  • Oct 29, 1pm
  • Nov 3, 1pm
  • Nov 26, 1pm CANCELLED
  • Dec 1, 1pm
  • Dec 31, 1pm CANCELLED
  • Jan 5, 1pm
  • Jan 28, 1pm
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Retirement Plan Information

SERS Tier & Hybrid Retirements

Alternate Retirement (ARP)

Teachers Retirement (TRB)

Additional Information

The State of Connecticut offers many retirement benefit options. Click the links below for more information.