Member Collections

The consortium’s integrated catalogs make it easy to search for and request materials from the consortium’s member libraries and beyond. To do so, go to your home library’s catalog, sign-in with your NetID and password, and then follow the instructions below.

For physical collections (e.g., books and media)

Select the “CSCU Library Consortium” scope and then perform a search. When you find an item that you want, check the item’s holdings and then select “Request from Another Library.” The item can be shipped to whichever consortium library you prefer.

For articles*

Select “Expand My Results” (left side of interface) for search results that go beyond what your library provides access to. When you see a citation for an article that you want, select it and then select “Request from Another Library.” If one of the consortium’s member libraries or any of a number of other partner libraries (including some libraries in the SUNY System and Brandeis University) can fill the request, they will email you a link to the article. 

 *This service is only available at participating consortium member libraries. In instances where a library does not participate, they offer alternative solutions to quickly obtain articles.

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