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Dec 20, 2011

Interim President Says Reorganization will “Meet or Exceed” $4.3 Million Savings Target

Interim President of the Board of Regents reported that the reorganization is on track to meet or exceed the $4.3 million savings target

Interim President of the Board of Regents, Robert A. Kennedy, today reported to the regents that the reorganization is on track to meet or exceed the $4.3 million savings target identified by then-Commissioner of the Department of Higher Education Michael P. Meotti earlier this year. Meotti is currently the Executive Vice President at the Board of Regents. The savings will largely be implemented over the next 2 fiscal years.

“From the very beginning, a key goal of this reorganization was to identify savings within the central office structures of the Connecticut State University and Connecticut Community College Systems and redirect those savings back to the campuses,” said Kennedy. “I’m pleased to report that even at this early junction, I am confident that we will meet or exceed $4.3 million in savings over the next two fiscal years. As important as the savings, however, is the work we’re doing to become a more effective higher education system for the students we serve.”

Savings will be achieved primarily through the consolidation of positions within the two central offices and a thorough examination and assessment of existing contracts to decide which services may be done more cost-effectively in-house or not at all.

“In reviewing the current structure at both the CSU and CCC central offices, it’s clear that in many cases we had two, or in some cases, three of a certain position or work function,” said Kennedy. “There’s not room in the budget for that kind of repetition. Following through on what the Governor and Legislature asked of us, we will find new and innovative ways to “do more with less,” allowing that money to funnel back toward the campuses and, ultimately, to enhance student learning and success.”

President Kennedy said he expects to identify more specific savings over the next few months.