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Apr 24, 2012

12 Outstanding CSU Students Receive Henry Barnard Award

Twelve outstanding college students from the four Connecticut State Universities were honored by the Connecticut State University System Foundation.

Twelve outstanding college students from the four Connecticut State Universities were honored by the Connecticut State University System Foundation for academic excellence and community service at the 24th annual Henry Barnard Distinguished Student Awards. The 12 students — from Central, Eastern, Southern and Western Connecticut State universities — were honored at a banquet held on April 23, 2012, at the Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville.

To be considered for a Barnard Award, a student must have at least a 3.75 GPA, a record of significant community service, and be nominated by their respective universities and presidents. The CSUS Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports education and research within the four state universities. CSUS Foundation President Robert J. Bourne described the students as “exceptional people” who were making a difference not only at their universities, but in their communities.

The event’s keynote speaker was Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy. In praising their accomplishments, he said, “These students represent the very best our state has to offer. Their commitment to academics, to community service and to their own future career goals is to be commended. I’m pleased I could join them tonight and wish them the very best.”

Richard Balducci, member of the Board of Regents for Higher Education and CSUS Foundation, said the 12 students were “representative of the extremely hard-working students who attend our four universities. Their success is our success. They demonstrate quite clearly that our universities are doing an outstanding job of educating and preparing the leaders and workers of tomorrow.”

Major sponsors for the 24th Annual Henry Barnard Distinguished Student Awards Banquet included CL&P and Yankee Gas – Northeast Utilities Companies, Otis Elevator Company and People’s United Bank. The award is named for Henry Barnard, Connecticut’s first superintendent of schools and principal of what later became Central Connecticut State University. Barnard was also the first U.S. Commissioner of Education.

Central Connecticut State University

Enisa Alanaj, Bristol, Mechanical Engineering Major and Mathematics Minor, 3.82 GPA

Jeremy Bradford, Vernon, Double Major in Physics and Mathematics, 3.95 GPA

Nicole Catherine Cloutier, Bristol, Mathematics/Elementary Education Major, 3.77 GPA

Kaylah Justine Smith of Bristol, Anthropology/Spanish Major, 3.93 GPA

Eastern Connecticut State University

Brittney Cava, Torrington, Political Science Major and Peace and Human Rights Minor, 3.85 GPA

Kathryn Elizabeth Harner, Oxford, English Major and Writing Minor, 4.0 GPA

Southern Connecticut State University

Christopher Buter, New Haven, Public Health Major, 3.79 GPA

Melanie Ann Guillerault, Enfield, Elementary Education and Psychology Major, 3.82 GPA

Christopher Knickerbocker, Hamden, Exercise Science Major with concentration in Physical Education, 3.95 GPA

Jonathan Uhl, Beacon Falls, Chemistry Major, 3.98 GPA

Western Connecticut State University

Kelley Bradley, Cromwell, Meteorology Major, 3.87 GPA

Jennifer Groom-Reid, New Milford, Social Work Major, 3.96 GPA