CSCU Transfer Council

The CSCU Transfer Council (CSCU-TC) uses data and accepted best practices to develop equitable recommendations to prioritize and eliminate transfer barriers.  


The CSCU Transfer Council (CSCU-TC) uses data and accepted best practices to develop equitable recommendations to prioritize and eliminate transfer barriers.  CSCU-TC utilizes systemwide communications to enhance an institutional culture that includes transfer in all facets of academic and student affairs by applying these four guiding principles to curriculum and policy discussions: 


Acknowledge our students, their goals, and the various paths that they take to reach success.      


Accept the potential for learning outside of the classroom and provide credit assessment for such experiences. 


Apply transfer credit based on content and outcomes with the intent to maximize the application of previous credit earned to degree requirements. 


Advocate for the elimination of transfer barriers, creation of equitable solutions, and overall transfer student success.

For more information, please refer to the CSCU Transfer Council’s Principles and Guidelines.


Membership TypeLastFirstCampusTitle
CCSU Faculty RepMoranoPeterCCSUProfessor Physical Education & Human Performance
CCSU Staff RepGamacheJustineCCSUAdvising and Student Support Specialist
COSC Staff RepSeligAndrewCOSCAssociate Director of Admissions
COSC Staff RepO'GradyLindsayCOSCAssociate Registrar: Curriculum & Audit
CT State AdvisingKapinosBrianCT StateRegional Advising Director
CT State AdmissionsRivera-EppsJeanetteCT StateInterim Director: Student Orientation and Admissions
CT State RegistrarWinnSusanCT StateDirector: Degree Audit Technology
CT State Faculty (S&BS) (Co-Chair)Rist-BrownRebeccaMXCCProfessor of Criminal Justice/Criminology
CT State Faculty (A&H)SimmonsDeborahMCCProfessor of Music
CT State Faculty (B&H)WilkinsonJimACCProfessor of Business
CT State Faculty (E&T)FaeziMehrdadMCCProfessor of Manufacturing
CT State Faculty (N&AH)Vacant   
CT State Faculty (S&Math)BasuVandanaTRCCProfessor of Chemistry
ECSU Staff RepBuskeyJeffECSU 
ECSU Faculty RepVacant ECSU 
SCSU Faculty RepBadrKautherSCSUProfessor of Business Law
SCSU Staff Rep (Co-Chair)DavisKevinSCSUAssistant Director: Transfer Admissions Services
WCSU Faculty RepLeverKatieWCSUProfessor of Communcation & Media Studies
WCSU Staff RepZavatkayDebbieWCSURegistrar
CSCU Equity CouncilChaisson-CardenasJohn-PaulCT StateVice-President of DEI
CSCU Director: Transfer and ArticulationMarcelynasSteveCSCUDirector: Transfer and Articulation
CT State AVP of Academic ProgramsStefanowiczMichaelCT StateAVP of Academic Programs
CPLWilderLindaCOSCPLA Director

Work In Progress

Work Groups will be created and charged by the CSCU Transfer Council to address transfer related matters. Work Groups will be led by CSCU Transfer Council Members and will include subject matter experts from within and outside of the Council. Work Groups will be responsible to draft a recommendation based on the charge for the group to be presented to the CSCU Transfer Council. For more detail, please see the Work Groups section of the Principles and Guidelines. 

Current Work Group

Course Articulation and Review Schedule

Work Group requested by:
CSCU Transfer Council 

Group Members: 

  • Sara Selke (TRCC), 
  • Rebecca Rist-Brown (MXCC), 
  • Lindsay O’Grady (COSC), 
  • Katie Lever (WCSU), 
  • James Wilkinson (ACC), 
  • Kauther Badr (SCSU), 
  • Steve Marcelynas (CSCU) 

Scope of work: 
Determine a process for initial review of CT State courses with CSUs/COSC, mandate that course equivalencies are shared in course descriptions at each institution, propose an SOP for course articulations, and create a schedule to review CSCU courses by Academic Disciplines   

Estimated start and finish: 
November 2022 plan for initial review of CT State courses April 2023, Articulation SOP and review schedule May 2023 

  • Voted out of the Work Group March 2024
  • Voted out of the CSCU Transfer Council and submitted to CSCU Provost April 2024
  • See recommendation below


The CSCU Transfer Council is charged to make recommendations to the CSCU Provost for all matters related to transfer. Recommendations can be created by the Council, Work Groups, or Sub-Committees. All recommendations will be reviewed and voted on by the Council and upon approval sent to the CSCU Provost for further action. Below is a list of submitted recommendations:

  1. Transfer Intent
    Submitted to the CSCU Provost March 2023
  2. Course Review and Articulation Schedule
    Submitted to CSCU Provost April 2024



Steve Marcelynas

Director: Office of Transfer and Articulation