Mission, Vision, Goals

Our Vision for Connecticut: A continually increasing share of Connecticut's population will have a high quality post-secondary education that enables them to achieve their life and career goals and makes Connecticut a place of engaged, globally competitive communities. Approved by the Board of Regents, June 20, 2013 (pdf)

Mission & Vision

Our Vision for ConnSCU

The Connecticut State Colleges & Universities will continually increase the number of students completing personally and professionally rewarding academic programs

ConnSCU's Mission

The Connecticut State Colleges & Universities (ConnSCU) contribute to the creation of knowledge and the economic growth of the state of Connecticut by providing affordable, innovative, and rigorous programs. Our learning environments transform students and facilitate an ever increasing number of individuals to achieve their personal and career goals.

Distinct Mission Statements for Constituent Units

Connecticut Community Colleges Mission Statement

As part of the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities (ConnSCU) system, the twelve Connecticut Community Colleges share a mission to make excellent higher education and lifelong learning affordable and accessible. Through unique and comprehensive degree and certificate programs, non-credit life-long learning opportunities and job skills training programs, they advance student aspirations to earn career-oriented degrees and certificates and to pursue their further education. The Colleges nurture student learning and success to transform students and equip them to contribute to the economic, intellectual, civic, cultural and social well-being of their communities. In doing so, the Colleges support the state, its businesses and other enterprises and its citizens with a skilled, well-trained and educated workforce.

Charter Oak State College Mission Statement

As part of the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities (ConnSCU) system, Charter Oak State College, the state's only public, online, degree-granting institution, provides affordable, diverse and alternative opportunities for adults to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates. The College's mission is to validate learning acquired through traditional and non-traditional experiences, including its own courses. The college rigorously upholds standards of high quality and seeks to inspire adults with the self-enrichment potential of non-traditional higher education.

Connecticut State Universities Mission Statement

As part of the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities (ConnSCU) system, the four Connecticut State Universities offer exemplary and affordable undergraduate and graduate instruction leading to degrees in the liberal arts, sciences, fine arts, applied fields, and professional disciplines. They advance and extend knowledge, research, learning and culture while preparing students to enter the workforce and to contribute to the civic life of Connecticut's communities. Through a variety of living and learning environments, the Universities ensure access and diversity to meet the needs of a broad range of students. They support an atmosphere of inter-campus learning, the exploration of technological and global influences and the application of knowledge to promote economic growth and social justice.

ConnSCU's Goals and Metrics

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