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BOR Members

Thirteen members are appointed by the governor and legislative leaders, two are students chosen by their peers, and six non-voting ex-officio members.


  • Matt Fleury


    Matt Fleury

    Matt Fleury has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Connecticut Science Center since 2009, after serving as the Center’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer during the Center’s development.
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  • Yvette Meléndez

    Vice Chair

    Yvette Meléndez

    Yvette Meléndez, Vice President of Government and Community Alliances for Hartford Healthcare, has three decades of public policy experience.
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  • Richard J. Balducci

    Richard J. Balducci

    Richard J. Balducci of Deep River is vice president of Doyle, D'Amore and Balducci in Hartford and former Speaker of the House.
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  • Naomi K. Cohen

    Naomi K. Cohen

    Naomi K. Cohen has served in numerous educational leadership positions, including House Chair of the General Assembly’s Education Committee.
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  • Lawrence DeNardis

    Lawrence DeNardis

    Dr. Lawrence DeNardis is President Emeritus of the University of New Haven and a former United States Congressman from Connecticut.
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  • Merle W. Harris

    Merle W. Harris

    Merle W. Harris has 45 years of educational experience, serving in several positions at institutions of higher education, in Connecticut.
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  • David R. Jimenez

    David R. Jimenez

    David R. Jimenez is a Shareholder at Jackson Lewis. He is the Co-Chair of the firm’s Corporate Governance Practice Group as well as a member of the Class Action Practice Group.
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  • William J. McGurk

    William J. McGurk

    Bill McGurk served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Rockville Bank from 1980, retiring in 2011.
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  • Holly Palmer

    Holly Palmer

    In April of 2016, Holly Palmer was elected by the Student Advisory Committee (SAC) members to serve as SAC Vice Chair.
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  • Gordon Plouffe

    Gordon Plouffe

    Gordon Plouffe is a student at Manchester Community College currently pursuing an Associate’s Degree and is President of the Student Government Association.
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  • JoAnn H. Price

    JoAnn H. Price

    Ms. Price is a co-founder and managing partner of Fairview Capital Partners, Inc., a leading private equity investment management firm based out of West Hartford
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  • Elease E. Wright

    Elease E. Wright

    Ms. Wright built a successful career at Aetna Inc., where she most recently served as Senior Vice President of Human Resources until her retirement in 2012.
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Ex-Officio Members

  • Stephen Adair

    Stephen Adair

    Professor of Sociology at CCSU
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  • Barbara Richards

    Barbara Richards

    Professor of Sociology at HCC
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  • Raul Pino

    Raul Pino

    Department of Public Health, Acting Commissioner
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  • Dianna R. Wentzell

    Dianna R. Wentzell

    Department of Education
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  • Catherine Smith

    Catherine Smith

    Department of Economic and Community Development
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  • Scott D. Jackson

    Scott D. Jackson

    Commissioner of Labor
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Comments & Questions

Questions regarding the Connecticut Board of Regents should be addressed to Erin A. Fitzgerald, Office of Board Affairs, at 860-723-0013 or