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Feb 23, 2012

Regents’ Committee Holds Forum on Transfer Proposal

The Academic and Student Affairs Committee will hold a public forum Friday, March 9 on a draft transfer and articulation policy being considered.

The Board of Regents for Higher Education’s Academic and Student Affairs (ASA) Committee will hold a public forum on Friday, March 9, to allow students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders the opportunity to weigh in and voice their opinion on a draft transfer and articulation policy that is being considered by the Board. The policy would more easily allow students at the community colleges to transfer their associate’s degree to another ConnSCU institution, by granting, in essence, “transfer” degrees for specific majors. These “transfer degrees” would transfer in their entirety to a state university, and grant the student junior status. Currently, students must go through the arduous and time-consuming process of determining whether each individual course they have taken will transfer to another institution and count toward their degree requirements there.

“This is a proposal that will no doubt elicit strong feelings on any number of fronts from faculty, staff, students and stakeholders, and we want to ensure all voices are heard and the process is truly transparent,” said Regent Merle Harris, Chairwoman of the ASA Committee. “We’ve all heard stories from students who explain the process by which they attempt to transfer their credits between institutions, only to see a number of them fail to apply toward their major or academic status. We know that we need to do better, and creating a functional, seamless transfer policy is a huge step in the right direction.”

Faculty, students, staff and other stakeholders are invited to the forum to contribute their two (2) minute comments to members of the Academic and Student Affairs Committee. The forum will take place on Friday, March 9 from 1-4 p.m. in the Old Judiciary Room at the Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford. Speakers are encouraged to arrive early to sign up to speak.