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Apr 13, 2017

CSCU Officially Launches Transfer Tickets Program

Pathways to help students seamlessly transfer from a community college to a state university

The Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) institutions —that include Connecticut's 12 community colleges, four state universities, and Charter Oak State College — are continuing to make improvements to their Transfer and Articulation Policy known as Transfer Tickets.

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Through the Transfer Tickets program, students may earn an associate degree at a community college and then seamlessly transfer to Central, Eastern, Southern, or Western Connecticut State Universities or Charter Oak State College, to complete a bachelor’s degree in their major without any loss of credit. 

”These pathways are there to help our students avoid get in and graduate from our schools without any delays or increase in costs due to transfer,” said CSCU President Mark Ojakian. “Access and affordability are two of our core values and Transfer Ticket program help to address both of these challenges. I appreciate all of the hard work being done by our staff and faculty on continuing to improve this program.”

“This program expands access and opportunity for our community college students,” said Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman. “Higher education is critical for building a strong workforce and improving an individual’s earning power. I commend the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system for establishing a program that will help thousands of students get the education and the skills they need to compete in the workforce.”

Transfer Tickets are available in 25-degree programs for fall 2017. Students transfer from a community college with full junior status and only 60 credits remaining in their major to earn a 120-credit bachelor’s degree. The Transfer Navigator on the CSCU website provides students the program information they need to ensure their credits transfer effortlessly.

The Transfer Tickets degrees were designed by more than 350 faculty from the 17 CSCU campuses as program-to-program transfers, rather than course-by-course transfers, thereby providing students with the benefits of a coherent plan of study and general education program. Financial aid opportunities for transfer pathways are the same as any other credit-bearing program at the colleges.