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Sep 16, 2022

CSCU Begins System-wide Online Subscription to The Chronicle of Higher Education

Through the subscription, the CSCU community has unlimited access to articles, essays, daily news, and data back to 1989.

CSCU has begun a system-wide online subscription to The Chronicle of Higher Education, a leading publication about topics and trends shaping the future of higher education in the United States. Through the subscription, the CSCU community has unlimited access to articles, essays, daily news, and data back to 1989. 

To access The Chronicle, you can either visit your library’s website and search for “The Chronicle of Higher Education” or go directly to The Chronicle’s website. If you go directly to The Chronicle’s website, click on “Register for a free account” and then create an account using your CSCU institutionally issued email address; or, if you already have a Chronicle account associated with your institutionally issued email address, just click “Sign In.” 

Prior to the system-wide subscription, eleven of the CSCU libraries maintained individual online subscriptions to The Chronicle. The system-wide subscription supersedes those individual subscriptions and expands access to include all students, faculty, staff, and administrators at all institutions in the CSCU system, along with the System Office and CT State Community College Office. 

The system-wide subscription is administered by the CSCU Library Consortium. According to Patrick Carr, Program Manager for Consortium Operations in the CSCU System Office, “the new subscription allows us to leverage the system’s ability to achieve efficiencies and maximize buying power.” While previously, each of the eleven CSCU institutions concurrently managed subscriptions, there is now just one subscription to be managed. Additionally, the new subscription comes at a cost that is significantly less than what the cost would have been had all CSCU individually maintained subscriptions.

The move to a system-wide subscription to The Chronicle is the result of a proposal approved by the CSCU Council of Library Directors. According to Eileen Rhodes, Interim Director of Library Services for the Connecticut State Community College, “We recognized The Chronicle as a critical resource about the future of higher education and realized the potential benefits of a System-wide subscription. We’re excited that as a result of the council’s proposal, the entire CSCU system now has access.”

For questions about The Chronicle or other library resources, contact your institution’s library.