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The CT Guarantee allows CT State Community College associate degrees to transfer to a participating 4-year independent college in the state - admission guaranteed!


What colleges are participating in the CT Guarantee?

Visit the “Participating Colleges” page to view all CT Guarantee colleges, along with additional information, such as GPA requirements, contact information, financial aid, cost of attending (Net Price Calculator), and transfer policy.

What is a Transfer Ticket?

A Transfer Ticket is a guaranteed transfer pathway for associate degree holding students. Transfer Tickets outline necessary courses to be completed at the community college level, and identify remaining courses to be completed at the four year college. Transfer Tickets are available for a number of CT Guarantee majors. Check the “Majors” page and select “Transfer Ticket Majors”, or “Participating Colleges” tab, to view Transfer Ticket options.

How do I search for CT Guarantee Transfer Ticket majors?

The CT Guarantee offers Transfer Tickets pathway options for some majors. Select the major you plan on pursuing to see which colleges accept the Transfer Ticket on the “Majors” page.

What if there is not a Transfer Ticket available for my major?

Admission is guaranteed to any participating CT Guarantee college. However, if you are interested in utilizing a Transfer Ticket, but do not see one available, it is in your best interest to contact that college directly.

How will my credits transfer?

Participating colleges may have differing transfer credit policies. The “Participating Colleges” page details transfer policy information. Click on each campus to see a summary of institution specific transfer policies that may impact your transfer of credits. For example, some schools may accept a minimum course grade of a C-, while others will require a C.

How do I plan for a successful transfer?

Transferring credits from one institution l can be complex. Students can avoid losing credits, time, and money by planning a successful transfer as early as their freshman year. Much like taking a trip, if you know where you want to go, you can then plan accordingly on a timeline, a budget, what to pack, and how to get there. Speak to your community college transfer advisor about your plans.