Success Portfolio

Success Stories

In keeping with our "Guiding Principles," CSCU Success uses policy, design implementation, and data to advance equitable practices across our institutions and improve student success. Below are examples of our work, including collaborators that helped make it possible.

Better Data, Better Results

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 

To better measure short-term outcomes in order to impact long-term success, we created 23 leading indicators of student success — data that is now collected after each cohort of students finishes their first year. As we move the needle on the KPIs, we move the needle on completion. 

Board Policy Adopted October 2018

Time to Design: 6 months
Time to Measurable Results: Immediate

With Support Received From National Partners: Alphabetical list here 

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Guided Pathways Across CT

Spearheaded full-scale implementation of Guided Pathways framework at all 12 CT State campuses. Guided Pathways is a comprehensive set of reforms with a goal of helping more students successfully complete their postsecondary credential in a timely fashion, by minimizing credit loss, removing structural barriers to completion, and providing comprehensive holistic support to students.

  • Time to Design: 3 years
  • Time to Measurable Results: 5 years

Guided Pathways Taskforce Final Report, May 2021

New Advising Model

Holistic Case Management Advising (HCMA)

Every student will now have an advisor to provide support from start to finish, who will be an advocate and champion for success and completion. This new advising model significantly reduces the ratio of advisors to students, helping students and faculty alike.

Board Policy Adopted April 2020

  • Time to Design: 3 years
  • Time to Measurable Results: Immediate
Corequisite Classes for All

Alignment & Completion of Math + English

Every student will take college-level math and English in their first year. Students who complete both are more likely to succeed, which is why students will take these courses with more support and without pre-requisites. The math class will be designed into pathway courses that are right for each program.

Board Policy Adopted May 2021

  • Time to Design: 2 years
  • Time to Measurable Results: 5 years

CSCU ACME Building on Student Success

College and Career Success 101

Students will be required to take a three-credit course in which they'll create an individualized academic plan and learn skills to help them complete that plan. Research shows these classes taken early in a student's academic career have a huge impact on academic and career success.

Board Policy Adopted June 2020

Clustering Majors into Areas of Study

Rather than choosing from an alphabetical list of hundreds of programs, students now explore options within six Areas of Study as they consider their academic and career goals. Students can explore career paths and pivot to different programs while staying on track to graduate.

Board Policy Adopted March 2019