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Business Information Systems

The Business Information Systems department is responsible for enterprise systems such as Banner, our Student Information and Finance System.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) of the Board of Regents facilitates collaboration and coordination of information technology activities among CSCU member institutions. OIT provides a consistent and coherent interface to the State and other external constituencies with regard to CSCU information technology policies and services. It supports the Regents and CSCU leadership in providing strategic recommendations in areas that involve information technology.

Institutional Research

Powered by Evisions Argos, the BIS group develops and maintains a data warehouse resporting system that provides the Board of Regents Institutional Research group the raw data to analyze trends in the academic data.

Enterprise Resource Planning System - Banner

Powered by Ellucian's Banner enterprise system, the Business Information Systems department maintains and provides development support for the Student Information System, including admissions, financial aid, scheduling, registration, billing and refunds, grading and reporting.  It also maintains and supports the Finance System, which includes accounting, purchasing, payables, capital investments and inventory, and mandatory reporting.