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CSCU Student Success Center

The CSCU Student Success Center is focused on fostering the implementation of Guided Pathways practices across the CSCU system, which will help more students earn credentials that lead to good jobs.

About the Student Success Center

Founded in Fall 2014, the Center aims to foster a collaborative process in which faculty, staff, students, and administrators work together to develop a culture of academic and personal success for CSCU students.

The Center is one of 16 such centers nationwide. The centers in this network are designed to be collaborative at two levels: Across the country the centers work together and with national experts to consider ideas that can improve student retention and completion. Within each state each center works with its colleges to create a coherent, statewide strategy that helps institutions integrate their varied student success efforts, learn from one another, and maximize resources.

Student success efforts in CSCU are focused on Guided Pathways, a movement that helps more students efficiently complete credentials, transfer, and attain jobs with value in the labor market.

Student Success Center Network

CSCU Guided Pathways