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Felice Gray-Kemp

Felice Gray-Kemp

Felice Gray-Kemp was appointed to serve on the Board in August 2017 and serves as a member of the Board’s Finance & Infrastructure Committee. Felice was appointed to serve on the Board of Regents for Higher Education by Governor Malloy in August 2017.

Felice is Senior Vice President, Global General Counsel of a multinational, publicly traded technology company.  She has been recognized internationally for her legal and business acumen, leadership skills as well as for mentoring individuals from all walks of life. In 2015, Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund honored Felice for making a difference in the lives of Connecticut residents. Felice has served on various non-profit and for-profit Boards of Directors including as Trustee for Life on the Aurora Foundation for Women and Girls in Greater Hartford, a non-profit that she co-founded 20 years ago with several accomplished women leaders and the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame.  

Her lifelong commitment to learning is evident in her service as a teaching assistant while she was a student at UConn law. After she graduated, Felice has served as an adjunct professor in several Connecticut colleges that focus on the education of adult learners.  

Felice fell in love with Connecticut when she visited it in Summers as a child.  Her Connecticut roots took hold during her undergraduate studies at Yale University in New Haven. She is a graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Law where she served for several years as a member and officer of the Law School Alumni Association. While working full-time, Felice received her. Masters in Taxation degree from Boston University School of Law.

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