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Colena Sesanker

Colena Sesanker Dr. Sesanker has been a full-time member of the faculty at Gateway since 2017 and, before that, was a part-time lecturer at Three Rivers Community College for seven years. She holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of Connecticut with a specialization in Mathematical Logic. Her current work in the field centers on valuation and justification in non-formal (social and embodied) contexts and on the limitations of such justification for grounding dignity in an unequal society. She sources meaning outside of discourse in what Wittgenstein calls ‘forms of life’. As a result, yoga, masquerade, and other practices that challenge and transform established social meaning and value are central to her work. Colena was Gateway’s elected representative on the Students First Academic and Student Affairs Committee from February 2018 to January 2020 and also served on that committee’s Shared Governance Workgroup.

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