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BOR Archives

From 1967 - 2011, the Board of Trustees governed the Connecticut State University System (Central, Eastern, Southern, and Western). Copies of the CSUS Board of Trustees resolutions are provided for information/historical purposes only; contact the ConnSCU Office of Board Affairs for more information.

1995 Resolutions

File Title Date
95-079 Approval of a Dec 15, 1995
95-080 Cash gift for CCSU Dec 15, 1995
95-081 Continuation of the Center for Collaboration at WCSU for another five-year period, until 12/31/2000 Dec 15, 1995
95-082 Establishment of Tuition and Fee Planning Guidelines for FY1996-97 determined by Strategic Planning Dec 15, 1995
95-074 Adoption of Policy Statement on Student Use of University Computer Systems and Networks Nov 08, 1995
95-075 Adoption of Class/Compensation System for Management and Confidential Professional Positions Nov 08, 1995
95-076 Award of the Title Connecticut State University Professor to Harriet B. Applewhite of SCSU Nov 08, 1995
95-077 Approval of the Comprehensive Campus Master Plan for WCSU Nov 08, 1995
95-078 Appreciation of Trustee Service from Robert A. Hunter at the end of his term Nov 08, 1995
95-067 Reaffirms support and commitment to the Affirmative Action policy as a valuable tool and necessary s Oct 06, 1995
95-068 Amendment of Student Rights and Responsibilities Guidelines in the Area of Computer Offenses Oct 06, 1995
95-069 Authorization to borrow from the State of Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority (C Oct 06, 1995
95-070 Employment of Student Workers Oct 06, 1995
95-071 Authorization to continue the Center for Social Research at CCSU until reevaluation by September 1, Oct 06, 1995
95-072 Authorization to continue the International Affairs Center at CCSU until reevaluation, with a financ Oct 06, 1995
95-073 Establishment of the Center for Caribbean Studies at CCSU until reevaluation every five years, the f Oct 06, 1995
95-058 A Memorial Monument and Land to CCSU from the Iwo Jima Survivors Association, Inc. (value: $300,000) Jul 21, 1995
95-059 From Maximilian E. and Marion O. Hoffman Foundation, Inc., for a permanent endowment for ECSU (value Jul 21, 1995
95-060 Donation of Photographic Equipment from United Technologies/Sikorsky Aircraft to SCSU (value: $12,34 Jul 21, 1995
95-061 Honoring Reverend Felix H. Maguire for his twelve years of service to the CSU Board of Trustees Jul 21, 1995
95-062 Honoring Luva Mead Hoar for her twenty years of service to the CSU Board of Trustees Jul 21, 1995
95-063 The Acquisition of Property for WCSU - authorizing the continued investigation, negotiation and purc Jul 21, 1995
95-064 Devolution of the Center for the Collection of Student Loans Jul 21, 1995
95-065 Establishing the School of Communication, Information and Library Sciences at SCSU and amending Sout Jul 21, 1995
95-066 Establishing the Center for Education and Research at Outer Island under direction of Coordinator an Jul 21, 1995
95-054 Salary Adjustment for President William J. Cibes, Jr., CSU System, effective 12/23/94 Jun 09, 1995
95-055 Salary Adjustments for President Michael J. Adanti, SCSU, President David G. Carter, ECSU, President Jun 09, 1995
95-056 Forty-hour Work Week for Management and Confidential Professional Personnel, effective 7/1/95 Jun 09, 1995
95-057 FY1995-96 Institutional Spending Plans and Authorized Expenditures Levels for Management & Confident Jun 09, 1995
95-044 Establishing a BOT May 05, 1995
95-045 Appointment of an Interim President for CCSU (Dr. Merle Harris) May 05, 1995
95-046 Award of the title Connecticut State University Professor (Thomas E. Carter, ECSU) May 05, 1995
95-047 Granting Permission to Reprint Copyrighted Article Published in Connecticut Review May 05, 1995
95-048 Licensure and Accreditation for a Masters of Science in Criminal Justice at CCSU May 05, 1995
95-049 Cash Gift for CCSU supporting visit of the State Planning Commission of the People May 05, 1995
95-050 Chinyere P. Nosiri, Nigeria, Visiting Professor at ECSU 8/18/95 through 5/31/96 May 05, 1995
95-051 Tuition and General Fund Distribution Methodology (four attached spreadsheets) May 05, 1995
95-052 Fee Increases for CSU Students - Tier 1 (one attached schedule for CCSU only FY1995-96) May 05, 1995
95-053 CSU Grant Distribution Methodology (two attached spreadsheets) May 05, 1995
95-012 Objective Job Evaluation for Management and Confidential Professional Positions at CSU Apr 07, 1995
95-013 Fee Increases for CSU Students Apr 07, 1995
95-014 Reauthorizing the Center for Developmental Studies at WCSU Apr 07, 1995
95-015 Gift of Gentium EIS Software from Planning Sciences, Inc. for ECSU (Value $75,000) Apr 07, 1995
95-016 Cash Gift for Educational Opportunity Program at CCSU ($5,700) Apr 07, 1995
95-017 Cash Gift for Faculty-Student Research Program at CCSU ($5,000) Apr 07, 1995
95-018 Henry Barnard Foundation Distinguished Student Awards (12 awards) Apr 07, 1995
95-043 The Jane Goodall Center for Excellence in Environmental Studies at WCSU (established a working relat Apr 07, 1995
95-002 Award of the Title Conn. State University Professor Feb 03, 1995
95-003 Establishment of the Position Executive Officer for Quality and Administration at the Conn. State Un Feb 03, 1995
95-004 FY1995-96 University General Fee Increase for Central Conn. State University (Supplemental) Feb 03, 1995
95-005 Fees for Non-Credit Courses Feb 03, 1995
95-006 Sale of Property by the Town of Windham to Eastern Conn. State University Feb 03, 1995
95-007 Purchase of Equipment Used for Research Purposes, Library Media and Library Books Feb 03, 1995
95-008 Amendment to the Guidelines for Student Rights and Responsibilities and Judicial Procedures Feb 03, 1995
95-009 Establishing Honorary Clinical Titles for Social Work Professionals Who Provide Services in the Clin Feb 03, 1995
95-010 Stipends, Waiver of Fees, and Scholarships for Graduate Assistants, eff. Fall 1995 Feb 03, 1995
95-011 Acceptance of Gifts Feb 03, 1995
95-001 Report of the Administrative Cost Study Committee Jan 19, 1995

CCC Archive

Through December 31, 2011, the Board of Trustees for the Community Colleges governed the 12 two-year community colleges that are now part of the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities (ConnSCU), under the governance of the Board of Regents for Higher Education. Copies of the board documents are provided for information/historical purposes only; contact the ConnSCU Office of Board Affairs for more information.

CCC Policy Manual (pdf)

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Questions regarding the Connecticut Board of Regents should be addressed to Pam Heleen, Office of Board Affairs, at 860-723-0013 or