How P20 WIN Works

P20 WIN links data to improve education for students of all ages.

Why P20 WIN?

Anonymous & Secure

P20 WIN securely links data between education and workforce agencies in the state for audits and evaluations of publicly funded education programs.

P20 WIN is not a data warehouse. Each participating agency retains control and management of its own data. This provides greater data security and lower operational cost, while the network provides the legal framework for linking and matching data to satisfy approved data requests. By managing their own source data, participating agencies can provide greater security, and leverage internal resources to improve quality.

How Data are Shared

Memoranda of Agreement (MOA)

To establish P20 WIN, participating agencies executed legal agreements, developed a data governance framework to guide data sharing, and selected a technical model for implementation. With support from the Office of the Attorney General, agencies developed Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) and a data management process that enables and provides for the legal and secure linkage of education and employment data. In addition to completing the MOA, executives of the participating agencies approved a Data Governance Policy that establishes working groups and provides a mechanism for ongoing cross-agency collaboration and decision making.

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Process for Data Management

The MOAs define a process for data management. Researchers may submit an application to become an authorized representative in order to conduct an audit for data to conduct an audit or evaluation of publically funded education programs. If the request is approved by the members of the P20 WIN Data Governing Board, an MOA specific to that data request will be executed, and the approved authorized representative will be able to receive matched data in order to conduct the approved audit or evaluation. The authorized representative and other designated individuals from the authorized representative's agency, who have signed Personal Statements of Non-Disclosure, will be able to work with the data to produce a report that is sufficiently aggregated for public disclosure. Once a final report has been approved by the Data Governing Board as being sufficiently aggregated to comply with privacy statutes, the aggregated results and accompanying reports may be made public.

P20 WIN has a federated architecture. Federated data systems have a decentralized structure which allows each agency to retain administrative authority over their data. The P20 WIN federated model provides a high degree of data security for data because the system is exclusive to the participating agencies and because the data matching and data analysis processes are completed separately. The federated structure also allows for future expansion of P20 WIN possible at a significantly lower cost than is typical with a centralized warehouse model.

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P20 WIN Data Dictionary

The P20 WIN data dictionary contains most of the data elements that are typically utilized in P20 WIN data requests. Additional data elements may be requested if necessary for a specific audit or evaluation. Participating Agencies from whom the data are requested will determine if the additional data elements are available and whether they may be utilized.

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