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Learning Technologies

The Learning Technology group supports educational support systems, database systems and web services.

Learning Management System

Powered by Blackboard, the LMS allows faculty to create and deliver instructional content, monitor student participation and assess student performance. Learn More

MyCommnet Portal

A web resource that delivers direct access to courseware, registration, library resources and more for the Connecticut Community Colleges. Learn More

Web Conferencing

Powered by Cisco WebEx, the web conferencing tool allows for real-time communication to conduct meetings, seminars, training and technical support remotely for the CSCU staff. Learn More

CSCU Training

Onsite and online workshop opportunities for staff and faculty within the CSCU system.
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CSCU Commons

A web-based collaboration site allowing academic and administrative departments and groups to share information and resources. Learn More

Library Discovery

A web resource to search and discover materials available within the libraries of the CSCU system. Learn More

Blackboard Learn - Learning Management System

Blackboard is used to facilitate the creation and delivery of web-based educational environments, for both online and traditional classroom courses. Blackboard provides a standardized interface used by both faculty and students, which includes a set of online educational tools to facilitate learning, communication and collaboration. It's also got some great features, like folder-based navigation from the menu for easy navigation to all course content, the ability to create student-specific blogs as well as student journals, robust rubric tools, a built-in wiki tool and other collaborative group tools, and much more.

Blackboard Login:

Client Computing

MyCommnet is the portal for the Community College system which provides students and faculty with web-based channels linking them to other services.  Students are able to apply for admission, check their financial aid and student-employment status, check their grades, and pay tuition and fees.  Faculty can access the learning management system (Blackboard), check on their courses, submit grades and view college announcements.  Everyone can search the current course schedules and access Library resources.

MyCommnet is available to all students, faculty and staff of the Community College system.  Maintenance is performed as needed and announced from time to time.

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CSCU Technology Training

CSCU provides staff and faculty with training and documentation that will help them integrate the use of technology into their workplace and teaching.  The focus is on technology development workshops that address not only technical skills but more importantly pedagogical best practices for the effective use of the technology.  There is no cost to either the employee or the college/university for the training provided.

Training options

  • Hands-on: Many people, particularly those who are brand-new to using a course management system, prefer hands-on training to get them off to a good start.
  • Webinars: If you are the type of person who a) prefers getting the "big picture" first, by watching demos and asking questions and then experimenting on your own, b) doesn't have the time to attend hands-on training during the day, or c) are good at teaching yourself how to use technology once you have an understanding of how it works, then a "webinar" might be just the option you're looking for.
  • Self-paced online videos: For those who are  comfortable with technology and like to learn on their own, there are also online self-paced videos and online orientation courses available for both faculty and students.

Workshops are offered on a variety of topics including Blackboard Learn, our Learning Management System, and other instructional software.  A Calendar of Technology Training classes is available online. Additional resources and opportunities for faculty and staff training can also be found from links on the Instructional Resources page.

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Web Conferencing

WebEX is a web conferencing tool used to conduct meetings synchronously with remote participants.  The product allows sharing of audio and visual materials via desktop or mobile.  

WebEX is available to Regents adminstrative staff and faculty of the CSU System universities.  The service is hosted by Cisco, and maintenance takes place as and when announced by the provider.

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Commons - Online Collaboration

Commons is a web-based collaboration application that allows for the sharing of information in a social publishing paradigm.  Commons is used to coordinate the activities of workgroups, committees and project teams in a web-friendly environment. 

Commons is available on- or off-site to all faculty and staff of the CT Board of Regents and all of the state colleges and universities.  Maintenance is performed on Friday mornings between the hours of 6:00am and 10:00am when required. 

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Library Discovery

Library Discovery is a web resource with which students and faculty can perform research by searching for and discovering books, DVDs, articles, and other materials offered by the consortium of libraries at the CSCU. If what you need is not available within your local library, many materials can be discovered at and requested from one of the other libraries in the CSCU system. The Library Discovery site allows both simple and advanced searches, and you can filter down a large set of results using facets.

If you are a currently enrolled student or faculty member at the library, then you can discover and read journal articles from a huge set of subscribed databases. You can also create a list of favorites, export citations, and get help from the librarians. Members of the public can also search for and loan out material, although you will need to contact the library to obtain a library card. 

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