Developmental Education (PA 12-40)

In 2012, Public Act 12-40 (pdf) was passed directing public community colleges and state universities to reconfigure how remedial/ developmental education is delivered. It also requires public high schools to align their curriculum as described by the Common Core State Standards to ensure that graduates are ready for college level work.

About ConnSCU and PA 12-40

The Connecticut State Colleges & Universities (ConnSCU) are currently planning for implementation of Public Act 12-40 (pdf), which requires colleges to offer students remedial support embedded with corresponding entry-level courses, or an intensive college readiness program, beginning in 2014.
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Tiered System of Instruction

In response to Public Act 12-40, the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (ConnSCU) faculty is re-designing developmental education using a tiered system of instruction with three levels as described below.

  • College Level
    College-level instruction; a course numbered 100 or higher
  • Embedded Level
    College-level instruction with embedded developmental support designed for students with 12th grade skills (or close to that) who are approaching college readiness but require some remediation; college-level components must be numbered 100 or higher
  • Intensive Level
    A single semester of developmental education or an intensive readiness experience for students below the 12th grade level; if structured as a course, must be numbered below 100.

In addition, institutions have joined together in four regional groups to devise strategies to address students who demonstrate significant gaps in skills levels or are unsuccessful in an initial attempt in an intensive-level offering.

  • Transitional Strategies
    Strategies for students with eighth grade skill levels or below developed by groups from colleges and universities in each geographical region of the state.
An Analysis of Summer and Fall 2013 Developmental Education Pilots in Connecticut Community Colleges by the Connecticut Women's Education & Legal Fund
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Convocation on Developmental Education

September 14, 2012
Central Connecticut State University - Alumni Hall - Student Center
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Welcome & Opening Remarks

David Levinson, Vice President for Connecticut Community Colleges, Board of Regents
Michael Meotti, Executive Vice President, Board of Regents
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Overview of National Completion Reform Initiatives

Richard Kazis, Senior Vice President
Jobs for the Future
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Thoughts on How to Embark on a Successful Developmental Education Reform Effort

Uri Treisman, Executive Director
The Charles A. Dana Center, The University of Texas at Austin
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National Developmental Education Research and Models

Moderated by Lara Couturier Program Director, Jobs for the Future
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Examples of Developmental Education Reform in Practice

Moderated by Michael Collins Associate Vice President Postsecondary State Policy, Jobs for the Future
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