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CSCU host a wide range of initiatives involving students, faculty and community that are making a difference and building towards a better future. They include programs to improve college readiness and student success, partnerships to stimulate discussion on education's impact on the state's economic vibrancy and workforce development, and institutes working innovatively in various academic disciplines.

CSCU Initiatives

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Integrated Library Project
A single, easy-to-use library system for the students, faculty, and staff of the CSCU and users of the Connecticut State Library.
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P-20 Council - Historical
Supporting collaboration among early childhood, K-12, higher education and workforce training.
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P20 WIN Data Sharing
The cross-agency data sharing system that informs educational policies and effective practices through sharing of data.
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Workforce Connections
Responding to Connecticut's workforce needs in the development and refinement of academic programs.
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Developmental Education (PA 12-40)
In 2012, Public Act 12-40 (pdf) was passed directing public community colleges and state universities to reconfigure how remedial/ developmental education is delivered.
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Transfer and Articulation Policy
Creating a pathway from admission to graduation for all students by clarifying and streamlining the degree-program structures and transfer processes.
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