Centers of Excellence

Enable employees to access and leverage the HR Shared services through a Center of Excellence (COE) model. Select a center below to learn more:

HR Strategy

What We Do
  • Provide onsite services to employees on human resources matters including benefits, salary questions, career development, etc.
  • Deliver seamless and efficient service to all faculty, staff and students.
  • Allow employees to access services and channel issues of a higher level to the respective COE
  • Primary resource for feedback and process improvement identification and communication at the employee level.
  • Collaborate with other parts of the HR Shared Services model to ensure processes and programs are aligned with the new HR Shared Services Model
Workers Compensation Forms
Who We Are
  • Diane Mazza
    Director of HR Strategy
    • Kim Carolina
      Regional HR Manager Capital–East Region
      • Patrica Lindo
        HR Generalist, Manchester/Capital
      • LaKecia Anderson
        HR Generalist, Manchester/Capital
    • Wendy Bovia
      Regional HR Manager North-West Region
      • Linda Pestretto-Demers
        HR Generalist, Naugatuck/Tunxis
      • Erin Ransford
        HR Generalist, Northwestern/Asnuntuck
    • Marlene Cordero
      Regional HR Manager Shoreline-West Region
      • Louisa Jones
        HR Generalist, Housatonic/Norwalk
      • Kara Turman
        HR Generalist, Housatonic/Gateway

Labor Relations

What We Do
  • Guidance and direction on relationships with bargaining units
  • Ensure Compliance with the CSCU-specific and statewide collective bargaining agreements.
  • Workplace investigations
  • Developing and enforcing workplace policies and procedures
  • Conflict solutions
  • Union grievance administration
  • Advocacy at arbitration or State Board of Labor Relations
  • Negotiations for successor collective bargaining agreements
Grievance Handling
Investigation Process
Who We Are
  • Chris Henderson,
    Director of Labor Relations, 17 institutions (CSUs, CC’s, Charter Oak)
    • Josephine Agnello-Veley- LR Associate
      Provides LR Support to: CCC, MxCC, QVCC, ACC, GWCC, NCC, for Universities (Central & Southern)
    • Sofia Bonilla – LR Associate
      Provides LR Support to: MCC, TRCC, NVCC, NWCC, TxCC, HCC, for Universities (Eastern & Western)
    • LR Investigator
    • LR Investigator
    • LR Investigator

Diversity & Inclusion

What We Do

The Diversity & Inclusion COE works to promote a respectful, accessible and inclusive environment to all staff, students and community within the new CT State Community College, Charter Oak State College and CSCU System.

Ensure Equal Opportunity and Access for Staff, Students, and the Community
  • Monitor College/Campus compliance with relevant CSCU policies and EEO/AA/Civil Rights
    laws including but not limited to Title VII, Title IX, ADA, OCR, CGS
  • Provide direction and guidance on search compliance and diversity recruitment efforts
  • Provide career counseling for employees seeking career mobility
  • Develop Affirmative Action plans and programs in accordance with CHRO AA Regulations
  • Provide reasonable accommodations for employees or job applicants in accordance with the ADA
  • Conduct and coordinate state mandated training (Diversity, Sexual Harassment, Title IX and ADA)
Investigate Discriminatory Conduct
  • Investigate allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment and make recommendations for resolution in collaboration with the Labor Relations COE
  • Facilitate informal resolution/mediation of complaints
Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Policy & Strategy Development
  • Participate in developing and enforcing workplace policies and procedures to ensure compliance with laws and regulations regarding all protected classes
  • Work with Campus Diversity Committees; Goal –To establish a Diversity & Inclusion Committee that represents staff from all 12 CC, Charter Oak State College and CSCU System
  • Work with all of the Centers of Excellence in efforts to promote diversity, inclusion and equity
Who We Are
  • Leah Glende,
    Director of Diversity & Inclusion
    • Debi Freund
      Manager of Diversity and Inclusion
    • Nicholas D’Agostino
      Manager of Diversity and Inclusion

Compensation, Benefits, and HR Administration

What We Do
  • Classification & compensation of unclas BU & non-represented M/C positions
  • Benefits management in on-boarding & open enrollments, leave admin, retirement service review & processing, benefits billing, compliance & audit
  • HR administration of CBA provisions & M/C Policy, FMLA & W/C compliance, CT/CSCU mandated training, personnel eval & PD, data queries & reporting
Who We Are
  • Mike Lopez
    Director of Compensation, Benefits
    • Darlene DeFigueiredo
      HR Specialist/Payroll Coordinator
    • Jacquie Swanson
      Class & Comp Analyst
    • Karla Desjardins
      Benefits Analyst
    • Jonna-Lynn Deegan
      Data Analyst
      • Cheryl Cyr
        Data Specialist, ACC & TxCC
      • Susan Wright
        Data Specialist, NVCC & NWCC
      • Stephanie Wilcox
        Data Specialist, MCC & QVCC
      • Colleen Osborne
        Data Specialist, NCC & HCC

Recruitment and Talent

What We Do
  • Talent Acquisition is an ongoing strategy to find Faculty, Staff and future Leaders;
  • Talent Acquisition tends to focus on long-term human resources planning;
  • In collaboration with the HR Strategy Center of Excellence, aligning of Talent Management with strategic goals of the One College System;
  • In collaboration with Diversity and Inclusion Center of Excellence, aligning Talent initiatives to identify the current state of the workforce and the desired future One College System
Who We Are
  • Theresa Eisenbach
    Director of Recruitment & Talent COE
    • Darlene Borre
      Part-time Recruitment EA
    • Miguel Lugo
      HR Recruitment Specialist
    • Christie Higney
      HR Recruitment Specialist
    • Elizabeth Federico
      HR Asst for Recruitment