A Message from the President

Board of Regents Interim President Philip E. Austin Dear Colleagues,

As you know, I was recommended by the Board of Regents and appointed by Governor Malloy to serve as the interim president of the Board of Regents for Higher Education. This new role wasn't one that I had anticipated filling, but I am honored by the confidence the Board and the Governor have placed in me. I am eager to work with each of you to help improve the educational experience and success of our students. Our organization has faced several challenges over the past few months. I wish those who have left us only the best, but it's now time to move forward and focus on the tasks at hand. There is much work to do and I ask each of you to help.

While I am new to the Board of Regents and the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities, I became familiar with many of these institutions while at the University of Connecticut. I grew to respect the work being done at the state universities and community colleges, and I'm looking forward to learning more about the programs and services offered to our students and our state. We must rededicate ourselves to providing our students with broad educational opportunities, prepare them for careers in the 21st century global economy, and implement the law passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor reforming the way in which we provide remedial education to our students.

Over the next few months, as the Board of Regents conducts its search to find permanent leadership, I look forward to working with you.


Philip E. Austin
Interim President
Board of Regents for Higher Education
Connecticut State Colleges & Universities