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May 2014
Board of Regents President Gregory W. Gray Dear Colleagues,

Let me begin this month's note by again thanking you for participating in our fall 2013 tour where we visited each of the seventeen institutions to seek input and to prioritize initiatives for the Transform CSCU 2020 plan (pdf) (i.e., Excel CT). Now it's time to act, and for all of us to get actively involved, because our Transform planning process is underway! Please get involved with this historic transformation of our system and our campuses by being alert for opportunities to participate at your campus and through other stakeholder groups.

We see the planning effort over the next several months as a stepping stone to help us build a strong foundation for our new system. In turn, this effort will help us achieve our vision, mission and goals, and ensure increased access and affordability.

Transform will set the direction for achieving unparalleled excellence across the System. To help guide us we have engaged Boston Consulting Group, a global strategic management firm with deep experience in supporting transformations of educational systems. They are assisting us in the areas of infrastructure, IT projects and overall efficiency throughout the system. We view them as a thought partner and adviser in this effort as we begin to lay out each of these initiatives in further detail.

In developing the implementation plan and the roadmap for Transform 2020, we believe it is of utmost importance for us to incorporate and reflect the voices of our key internal and external stakeholders. As our faculty and staff, your voice is even more critical in helping us shape a world-class system for our students and our state. This effort is about student success! It's also about a better Connecticut! As such, we will work with each of your Presidents to lay out a more detailed engagement plan for your campus, including naming communications liaisons for each campus. They will be tasked to help us lead specific engagement efforts and share important messages.

Finally, as we plan for the right cadence of engagement opportunities, we remain cognizant of, and will build around, the summer term. And, as we move forward we will seek to offer a variety of different ways in which you can get active and involved.

Lastly I will send an update on the state budget and impact on Transform later this week. In the meantime, enjoy your commencement. It's a celebration of you as well as for our students.

Enjoy the journey,

Gregory W. Gray
Gregory W. Gray
Board of Regents for Higher Education
Connecticut State Colleges & Universities (ConnSCU)

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