A Message from the President

Board of Regents President Robert Kennedy Dear Colleagues,

This month's edition of UPDATE is full of accolades and honors for our state university and community college students and for the new, consolidated ConnSCU system as a whole.

On April 18, the legislature honored 21 of our outstanding students at the 15th Annual College Academic Day celebration at the State Capitol sponsored by State Representatives Richard Roy, Pamela Sawyer and Roberta Willis. Then, on April 23, we honored 12 of our high-achieving state university seniors at the 24th Annual Henry Barnard Distinguished Student Awards dinner. Keynoted by Governor Dannel P. Malloy, the awards dinner — sponsored by the Connecticut State University System Foundation — also paid homage to Dr. James Frost, the first chancellor of the former Connecticut State University System who recently retired from the CSUS Foundation board.

On Wednesday, April 25, we took ConnSCU to the Capitol with an all-day exhibition of our 17 campuses displayed in the lower concourse between the Legislative Office Building and the Capitol. Governor Malloy joined us at a legislative reception that afternoon featuring the delicious culinary creations by students from Gateway, Manchester, Naugatuck Valley and Norwalk Community Colleges. They were a hit! We returned to the Capitol on Friday, April 25, for the All-Connecticut Academic Team, Phi Theta Kappa awards ceremony — sponsored by Northwestern Community College, Phi Theta Kappa and the Board of Regents for Higher Education — to honor some of our best and brightest community college students.

It was impressive to see ConnSCU students shine in both an academic and leadership setting. It's an honor to preside over a system in which so many of our students continually go above and beyond our expectations. Kudos to their professors, advisors and mentors for their help along the way.

And lastly, please don't forget to check out ConnSCU Commons, the BOR/ConnSCU's interactive, online community to help facilitate cross-campus and cross-program dialogue between faculty and staff. You can log on to ConnSCU Commons at https://commons.ct.edu.


Robert A. Kennedy
Board of Regents for Higher Education
Connecticut State Colleges & Universities

A Message from the President

Board Chairman Confirmed
by General Assembly

Board of Regents Chairman, Lewis J. Robinson, has been confirmed by the Connecticut General Assembly.

Students Honored at Annual
College Academic Day

Twenty-one students, each representing a campus of the ConnSCU system, were honored during the Annual College Academic Day celebration at the State Capitol.

12 Outstanding CSU Students Receive Henry Barnard Award

Twelve students from the Connecticut State Universities were honored by the Connecticut State University System Foundation.

Community College Students Honored at State Capitol

Community College Students were honored at the 2012 All-Connecticut Academic Team Awards ceremony.

Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's Workforce (pdf)

A presentation by President Kennedy to All-Commissioners meeting.

Manchester Community College culinary arts students prepared desserts for guests at Board of Regents Day reception at the State Capitol. Naugatuck, Norwalk and Gateway Community College students also provided culinary delights.

Board of Regents President Robert A. Kennedy (left) and Governor Dannel P. Malloy (right) make remarks at Board of Regents Day at the State Capitol.