A Message from the President

Board of Regents President Robert Kennedy Dear Colleagues,

I can't believe the academic year has already come to a close. I want to thank each and every one of you - faculty, staff and campus leadership - for helping make the 2011-12 academic year a successful one. In the face of so many changes at the central office, all of you helped to ensure that the focus remained where it always should be - on our students. I've attended a few commencements already, and have a few more in the coming weeks. They all have been wonderful occasions to celebrate the students we serve and their families and loved ones who have supported them.

As you may know, the Board of Regents formally named Dr. Elsa Núñez and Dr. David Levinson to their positions as vice presidents for the state universities and community colleges respectively. Adding campus voices like theirs to our leadership team at the central office has been enormously helpful as we continue to move forward and address issues like the new transfer policy and remedial education.

I encourage you all to enjoy the warmer months and longer days. As my updates to you coincide with the academic calendar, this will be my last until the fall semester gears up later this year. In the meantime, you can (and I'd encourage you to!) email me at Kennedyr@ct.edu should you have any thoughts, comments, concerns or just want to raise an issue with me.

Thank you for all you do,

Robert A. Kennedy
Board of Regents for Higher Education
Connecticut State Colleges & Universities

A Message from the President

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