A Message from the President

Board of Regents Interim President Philip E. Austin Dear Colleagues,

With the spring semester well underway, a record-breaking blizzard, meetings across our community college campuses about remedial education reform, and the legislature's budget process moving forward, we all have had more than enough to keep us busy over the past few weeks.

I wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with an update on the budget process. Last week, Interim Chief of Staff Dennis Murphy testified in front of the legislature's Appropriations Committee about the Governor's proposed budget and its impact on our colleges and universities.

There are several important recommendations that I wanted to bring to your attention. In a change from the past, the Governor's proposal recommends folding fringe benefit costs into the block grants that fund our colleges and universities. Our financial staff is working diligently to assess the numbers and evaluate how our colleges, universities and system office will fare under this proposal. In addition, under the Governor's proposal, Charts-a-Course, an early childhood partnership, is recommended to move from the community colleges into a new early childhood agency. Lastly, the Governor has proposed a new Governor's Scholarship Program which will combine the resources of several current scholarship programs, and be administered by the Office of Higher Education. We are gathering more information about this new proposal and will assess how this new program may impact our prospective students.

It's important to note that this is the beginning of a long process, which is far from over, and I intend to keep you updated as it unfolds. We will continue to work with Governor Malloy's office, as well as the legislature, to determine what the final appropriation for our institutions will be. The Appropriations Committee members were very interested in the work being done at our institutions - several of them were students or teachers on our campuses themselves - and wanted to ensure that you knew that they were proud of the work being done on at our colleges and universities.


Philip E. Austin
Interim President
Board of Regents for Higher Education
Connecticut State Colleges & Universities

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