A Message from the President

Board of Regents President Robert Kennedy Dear Colleagues,

Since we sent the last edition of "Update," so much has been happening at the Board of Regents. I'm most eager to update you on the new, seamless transfer agreement that the Board of Regents approved last week. Regent Merle Harris, Chairwoman of the Board's Academic and Student Affairs (ASA) Committee put it into perspective when she said that a workable, seamless transfer agreement was the topic at hand when she began working at the Department of Higher Education in 1978. Thirty-four years later, I believe what the Board did last week marked some great progress on the issue. The policy the Board approved was drafted and redrafted to incorporate comments from campus leadership, and was further improved by comments and suggestions made by faculty and students during the ASA Committee's open forum. To say that this proposal wouldn't be possible without the input, guidance and yes, at times, debate by the faculty at our 17 institutions is an understatement. While this was a charged issue, the dialogue never became discourteous and the suggestions were always made respectfully. At the end of the day, this policy will help the students we serve, and I know that it guided all of our actions throughout the process.

I also wanted to take a moment to mention the campus climate review we're undertaking. In the last few weeks, there have been several issues that have come to my attention and caused me to ask the Interim Vice Presidents for the State Universities and the Community Colleges to take a closer look at our campus climates. I know you'll agree that we can have every policy and procedure on the book, but if a campus climate is such that these policies and procedures are not carried out in a supportive, efficient and timely manner, they are of little use to anyone. I want to be clear that I am not rushing to judgment and certainly more needs to be learned, but I would be remiss if I ignored these concerns.

I continue to appreciate the emails I receive from members of our campus leadership teams, faculty and staff- please keep them coming! Thank you again for your hard work and effort on behalf of our institutions and our students.


Robert A. Kennedy
Board of Regents for Higher Education
Connecticut State Colleges & Universities

A Message from the President

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