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FAC Annual Conferences

Since 2015, the FAC has held annual conference focusing on...

2021 FAC Conference

The 2021 Faculty Advisory Committee Conference on Student Success & Shared Governance will be held virtually on Friday, April 16, 2021 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

Conference Details (pdf)

2018 FAC Conference

The 2018 Faculty Advisory Committee Conference on Student Success & Shared Governance will be held at Southern Connecticut State University on Friday, April 13, 2018.

Conference Details (pdf)

2017 FAC Conference

The 2017 Faculty Advisory Committee Conference on Student Success & Shared Governance will be held at Central Connecticut State University on Friday, April 7, 2017. Save the date! More details will be available soon.

Conference Booklet (pdf) Conference Presentations

2016 FAC Conference

Student Success & Shared Governance

The Faculty Advisory Committee held its Second Annual Conference on Friday, April 8, 2016 at Housatonic Community College. Information from the event below:

Conference Invite (pdf) Conference Program (pdf)


Welcoming Remarks

Vice-Chair of the Faculty Advisory Committee and Housatonic Community College Professor, Barbara Richards

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Keynote Introduction

Presenters: FAC Chair, Stephen Adair, Keynote Speaker, Thomas Bailey and President Ojakian

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Session 1

Research on Statewide Developmental Education Reform: Challenges and Opportunities

Presenters: Maria Cormier and Jessica Brathwaite

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Session 2

The Institute for Student Success- Access, Retention & Graduation

Presenter: Leo Lachut

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Session 3

Transfer and Articulation Policy

Presenters: Candace Barrington, Ken Klucnik, Deborah Weiss, Lauren Doninger, and Jason Ebbeling

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Session 5

Attract, Engage, Retain, & Convert: Non-themed Learning Communities

Presenter: Amanda MacTaggart, (and others)

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Session 6

Education is Open for Business

Presenter: Kevin Corcoran

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Session 7

Help Students Connect: True Stories, Told Live, Any Class

Presenter: Deborah Pagnotta

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Session 10

Success Starts with Knowing Your Students

Presenter: Elsa Nunez

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Session 11

How Well are your Veterans Adjusting to College

Presenter: Sharon Young

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Session 12

Holistic Student Success: Collaborative Programming to Agrees Mental, Physical, and Academic Wellbeing Throughout the Student Life Cycle

Presenters: Emily Rosenthal and Katie De Oliveira

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Session 13

Feeding Student Success

Presenter: Shannon McAvoy (and anothers)

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Session 14

Panel Discussion on Dollars & Sense with Open Educational Resources

Presenter: Marina Phillips, Michael LaBarbera, Jennifer Nohai-Seaman

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Session 15

FYE & the Library: Assessment in Action for First- Year Information Literacy

Presenter: Jamie Hammond and Jenna Barry

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Session 16

Student Success for Non-Credit Certificate Students

Presenter: Kristina Testa-Buzzee

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Session 18

From Access to Opportunity: Improving Retention of Low Income Students

Presenter: Alana Wiens

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Session 19

First Generation College Students Success Stories at ECSU

Presenter: Nicolas Simon

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Session 20

Autoethnography of a Latina First Generation College Student

Presenter: Raquel Estrella

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Session 21

Perception of Self as Minority Among Young Adults in a College Setting

Presenter: Heather Rodriguez

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Session 22

Moving Ahead!: English Boot Camps and Retention Programs at Gateway Community College

Presenters: Elizabeth Keefe and Catherine Babbitt

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Session 23

Supplemental Instruction at SCSU: A Preliminary Report

Presenter: Therese Bennett and Katie De Oliveira

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Session 24

Helping Students Help Themselves: Inspiring Students to Become Strategic Learners

Presenters: Samantha Palombizio and Phillip Burnham

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Session 25

Student Success

Presenter: Emily Lewis

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Session 26

Collaboration, Innovation, and Shared Governance: A System- Wide Approach to Associate Degree Nursing Education

Presenters: Linda Perfetto and Sarah White

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Session 29

Transitional Strategies: Student Success Initiatives and Community Partnerships

Presenters: Donna Bontatibus, Steven Minkler, Catherine Hostetter, Teresa DeSouza, and Tami Cristopher

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Session 30

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes: Potentials for Collaborative Engagement

Presenter: Arthur Poole

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Session 31

Making a Difference in Retention Through Student Engagement: A Connecticut College Access and Success Program Strategic Plan

Presenters: Edward Derr, Jacqueline Phillips, Nicole Almonte, and Kaeshla Vega

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Session 32

Success Central Initiative: Initial Outcomes of an Intervention Addressing the Success of Latino and African- American College Students

Presenter: Reginald Simmons and Awilda Reasco

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Session 33

Redefining Student Success Through Narrative

Presenter: Jay Brower

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Session 34

Community College Transfer Student Success at Connecticut State Universities and UConn

Presenter: John Mullane

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Session 36

Inclusion of Research by BSN Students in the SCSU Social Justice Week: An Innovative Approach to Nursing Education and Its Application to Humanity Lead Presenter

Presenter: Kimberly Petrovic

Presentation (pdf)