The 12 Connecticut community colleges are merging under the name Connecticut State Community College (CT State). CT State’s first semester of operation will be Fall 2023. Here are some things that current students need to know about the transition to the new college.

Academic Program FAQs

Will my local community college campus still exist?

Yes, CT State is planned as a state-wide community college serving students in all locations currently operating today.

Will I be able to continue in my current academic program after the transition?

Faculty across the state are collaborating to consolidate programs that are offered at more than one college. We anticipate that most current programs will be represented in the Connecticut State Community College curriculum. Once the program consolidation process has been finalized, advisors will be able to help students determine their best path to completion if they are still working on their program after Fall 2023.

Will I be able to finish my program at the campus where I am currently enrolled?

Yes, students will be matched with the local program that most closely aligns with the program in which they were enrolled during Spring 2023.

Will I have to apply to Connecticut State Community College?

Any community college student who was actively enrolled in credit courses in any semester between Fall 2021 and Spring 2023 will not have to apply. Their academic history at their current Community College will automatically become a part of the CT State student records.

Will I lose any credits in the transition?

No, your CT State transcript will be the transcript that you had in Spring 2023 at your home community college.

What will happen to my GPA?

Your Spring 2023 GPA at your home community college will follow you to CT State. CT State will be using the same grading scale that the Connecticut Community College system uses today.

How will I get my transcript from my current community college?

Transcripts from all 12 community colleges and CT State will always be available to students and alumni. It is our responsibility to provide your official academic records to you as you need them throughout your lifetime for further education, job applications and other purposes. Most transcripts will be available through the website using an electronic transcript provider. Transcripts for students prior to 1985 will continue to be provided on paper by the CT State Community College Registrar.


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This page has been updated with the most recent plans as of August 2020. Connecticut State Community College is an institution being built over the next 2-3 years. As more details are confirmed and if plans are modified, they will be updated here.