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Campus CEO Search Process

Note: This process is modeled on the BOR Presidential Search Policy #15-08 with slight variation to accommodate the local nature of the search.  This process would apply to selection for Campus CEOs in advance of the 2023 appointment of a College President for the singly-accredited Community College of CT who would lead future searches.  The initial selection of Campus CEOs would also include Board of Regents representative(s) with appointment to the CEO position made by the full Board. 

Download Process & Procedures (pdf)

The CSCU Search Committee

The CSCU President shall determine the size of the committee, appoint members to the committee including the respective Regional President as well as representatives from the system office and Board of Regents, and either chair or appoint a member to serve as committee chair. The CSCU Search Committee establishes criteria and processes for the selection of the Campus CEO, conducts such other due diligence review as the committee deems appropriate, considers the recommendations of the respective Regional President and Campus Advisory Committee and makes recommendation to the Board of Regents for the appointment of Campus CEO.

Campus Advisory Committee Membership

The Campus Advisory Committee assists the search process by providing input into the criteria for the selection of the Campus CEO, reviews the resumes of applicants and recommends possible candidates to the CSCU Search Committee for consideration, participates in the interview process for the semi-finalists and finalists, and makes recommendations to the CSCU Search Committee for nominees to be considered for the appointment. The chair (or co-chairs) of the Committee shall be elected by its members. 

Membership includes:

  • Faculty representatives from the campus
  • Professional staff representatives from the campus
  • Support staff representatives from the campus
  • Student representatives from the campus
  • Foundation representatives from the campus
  • Alumni/community representatives

Administration of the Search

  1. The CSCU Search Committee shall establish and provide guidelines for the search. The search shall proceed according to the Affirmative Action Policy of the Board of Regents and the campuses.
  2. The CSCU President shall be responsible for the administration of the search, including the keeping of official records of the CSCU Search Committee. The CSCU President shall have the opportunity to meet with the finalists and have the sole and exclusive responsibility for contacting candidates recommended by the search committee who are under consideration.
  3. Members of the CSCU Search Committee and the Campus Advisory Committee shall have access to the resumes and such other information as is available for those candidates determined to be under serious consideration for appointment.
  4. The finalists shall visit the campus and meet with administrators, students, faculty, staff and community leaders and other stakeholders. The CSCU Search Committee shall seek comments following the campus visit from the Campus Advisory Committee Chairperson.
  5. Complete confidentiality of all proceedings shall be maintained throughout the search. The names of all candidates under consideration and any other information and/or material related to the search process shall be held in strict confidence by all persons having access to such information.  Breach of confidentiality can result in grave injustice to the candidates and serious harm to the reputation of the Board of Regents, CSCU, and the campuses.