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In accordance with the process and procedures adopted by the Board of Regents for Higher Education , the Search will be conducted by a CSCU Search Committee (CSC) and five Campus Advisory Committees (CAC).

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  • Regional President Rob Steinmetz, CSC Chair (Capital, Manchester and Middlesex)
  • Regional President Tom Coley, CSC Chair (Gateway and Housatonic)
  • CSCU Chief of Staff Alice Pritchard
  • CSCU HR VP Andrew Kripp
  • CSCU CFO Ben Barnes
  • CSCU Provost & SVP of Academic & Student Affairs Jane Gates
  • Regents
    • Naomi K. Cohen - Capital  
    • Richard J. Balducci – Middlesex   
    • Holly Howery - Manchester
    • Aviva Budd -  Housatonic
    • Felice Gray Kemp - Gateway 


Capital Community College

  • Ryan Pierson, CAC Co-Chair, Assistant to Academic Dean
  • Michael Proulx, CAC Co-Chair, Department Chair, Science and Mathematics
  • Sophia Gray, CCC Alum/Community representative
  • David McCluskey, CCC Foundation Chair
  • Antonio Mendez, CCC Student Senator
  • Eduardo Miranda, Associate Dean, Campus Operations

Gateway Community College

  • Rachael Schettenhelm, CAC Co-Chair, Professor of Mathematics, College Advancement Studies Dept.
  • Mimi Lines, CAC Co-Chair, Foundation member
  • Kevin Burke, Alum/Community representative
  • Mary Ellen Cody, Dean, Development & Community Partnerships
  • Sharon Dickey, SGA Vice President
  • Miguel Garcia, Library Associate, Library

Housatonic Community College

  • Teresa Oravetz, CAC Co-Chair, Director, Finance & Administrative Services
  • Jaylen Daniels, CAC Co-Chair, SGA President
  • Asantewa Dawson, Associate Professor, First Year Studies
  • Theresa Eisenbach, Director, Human Resources
  • Kristy Jelenik, Executive Director, HCC Foundation
  • John Torres, Alum/Community representative

Manchester Community College

  • Mehrdad Faezi, CAC Co-Chair, Professor, Manufacturing Engineering Technology
  • Peter Grose, CAC Co-Chair, Foundation VP
  • Bethany Silver, Alum/Community representative
  • Stefan Hall, SGA Treasurer
  • Marilyn Haney, Secretary II, Academic Affairs, MCC Library
  • Anita Sparrow, Registrar, Student Affairs/Enrollment Management

Middlesex Community College

  • Kimberly Hogan, CAC Co-Chair, Dean of Administration
  • Sara Hanson, CAC Co-Chair, Interim Director, Enrollment Services
  • Jill Flanigan, Associate Professor & Program Coordinator, Health Information Management
  • Faith Jackson, Alum/Community representative
  • Lenell Kittlitz, Foundation Board member
  • Riley McConnell, Student Senator