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Spring 2020 Grade Conversion

As a Connecticut Community College student, you have the option to convert any of the grades you earn in any or all of your spring 2020-semester courses to Pass (Credit) / Fail (No Credit) grading so that the courses do not affect your GPA.

You can apply for this option for any course for the spring 2020 semester by logging into myCommNet and following these steps (pdf) before June 30, 2020, or until you have been awarded a degree or certificate, whichever date is earlier.


We encourage you to wait until after spring 2020 final grades are posted before submitting a request to ensure the best decision.

Log into myCommNet

How Grades Convert

Your GPA will not be affected by any courses converted to these grades

Grade: C or better

Will convert to CRT, or Credit for Transfer, with credit for the class being awarded.

  • Counts in approved majors as well as for general education courses and electives
  • Transfer to all CSCU institutions, UConn, and many other institutions

Grade: D- to C-

Will convert to CR, or Credit, with credit for the class being awarded

  • Counts for general education courses, but may not meet major course or prerequisite requirements

Grade: F
NCE or W

Will convert to NCE for a completed course and to a W for a course that was not completed, with no credit being awarded

  • Will not fulfill any requirements


Will all courses be converted to a CRT / CR / NCE / W option?

No, only courses that students request to be converted to CRT / CR / NCE / W grading will be included.

How will the CRT / CR / NCE / W grades be calculated into the grade point average?

None of these grades is calculated in the GPA.

  • The CRT and CR grades will allow the student to earn credit, but are not factored into the GPA.
  • The NCE and W grades are also not factored into the GPA, but the student will not earn credit.

Does the student have to request the CRT/ CR / NCE / W?

Yes, students will have the option to convert any or all the letter grades they earn during the spring 2020 to CRT / CR / NCE / W grading by completing a request on MyCommnet.

What about courses for which students had already selected a Pass / Fail option?

If the student selects this CRT / CR / NCE / W option, then a Pass will remain a Pass, while a Fail will follow the guidelines for failing grades in this option and be converted to a NCE for completed courses and a W for non-completed courses, neither of which will affect the student’s GPA.

Under what circumstances would a student not want to select this option?

The student’s major GPA and/or cumulative GPA is below a 2.0 and the student is graduating. If the student passes the course and opts for a CRT / CR, the student will earn the credit, but if the cumulative GPA or the major GPA does not meet a minimum 2.0, the college cannot award the degree.

In some major fields, a CRT / CR will not satisfy licensure or accreditation requirements and a specific letter grade may be required. It is important for students to consult with an advisor to determine if a specific letter grade is required.

Students who are applying or plan to apply to a selective admissions program, such as nursing, should check with the requirements for admission before selecting CRT / CR / NCE / W options for their courses. Many selective admissions programs require a C or better, or in some cases a C+ or better, in prerequisite courses in order to be eligible for admission; a CR grade will not meet the requirement for a C or better.

Students who are receiving Veterans Benefits are strongly urged to check with the Veterans Advisor at their college to determine the potential effect of switching courses to the CRT / CR / NCE / W option. Some Veterans Benefits policies may have been modified as a result of changes in grading practices due to COVID-19.

Will courses, including developmental courses, with a CRT or CR grade meet prerequisite requirements?

A CRT grade will satisfy prerequisite requirements, though in some cases a grade above C will gain the student additional advantages, for instance qualify the student to skip a subsequent level. Students should consult with their instructors.

Courses for which students earn a CR grade may not meet major course or prerequisite requirements. If a C- is required to meet the prerequisite requirement, students who receive a C- should consider keeping that grade since the CR will not indicate that the minimum grade requirement has been met.

Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their instructors in their developmental and other prerequisite courses.

Will courses with a CRT grade transfer to another institution?

Students with spring 2020 grades of CRT will be able to transfer those courses within the CSCU system with or without a completed associate degree. CRT and CR courses will transfer as part of a completed associate degree, including a Transfer Ticket degree.

CRT and CR grades may not transfer to another institution outside the CSCU System.

  • Schools that require a C- or above or C or above for transfer should accept CRT grades. UConn will accept courses graded Pass / Fail from the spring 2020 semester if the Pass is awarded for a C or above; therefore, UConn will accept CRT grades awarded in Spring 2020.
  • Institutions outside the CSCU system that accept courses with CRT and/or CR grades may not accept them for major or general education credit. In many cases, each major department makes the decision about whether to apply transfer courses with a CRT and/or CR grade to major requirements.

Under what circumstances will students be able to change their grades from the CRT/ CR / NCE / W option back to letter grades?

One time requests to change back to a letter grade will be honored for the following reasons:

  • Change to a major that now requires a letter grade in the course
  • Application to selective admissions programs that require a letter grade in the course
  • Adverse effect on financial aid, including Veterans Benefits
  • Adverse effect on satisfactory academic progress
  • Adverse effect on transfer or prerequisite requirements

If a student opts to change a CRT/ CR / NCE / W grade back to a letter grade, can the student in the future change back to the CRT / CR / NCE / W grade?

No, this decision is not reversible.

Can grades be changed to or from the CRT/ CR / NCE / W option after students are awarded a degree or certificate?

No. Once the degree or certificate has been awarded, grades cannot be changed for courses within the credential.


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