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System Office

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The CSCU System Office supports 17 colleges and universities under the direction of the Board of Regents for Higher Education in a number of specific areas. The System Office is located at 61 Woodland Street in Hartford.


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Developing fiscal and administrative policy, and providing professional advice, fiscal analysis and recommendations on sound financial planning.
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Government Relations
Working with members of the CT General Assembly and the state's federal delegation on higher education and workforce development.
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Human Resources
Overseeing the employment terms, benefits, and atmosphere for CSCU employees.
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Information Technology
Facilitating the collaboration and coordination of information technology across CSCU institutions.
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Public Affairs & Marketing
Advancing initiatives and programs across CSCU institutions and increasing public awareness of our colleges and universities.
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Research & System Effectiveness
Providing transparency and accountability to internal and external stakeholders and advancing use of business intelligence across CSCU.
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Sponsored Programs
Overseeing the effective and efficient management of system-wide grants for the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities.
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