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CSCU Planning Activities

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Developing a set of recommendations that identify new initiatives and strategies to make system improvements.


High Quality Education

At CSCU we strive to provide a high quality education for all who seek it. This requires significant commitment to our mission, provision of academic programs of the highest caliber, commitment to addressing student barriers through programs and supports, and the stewardship of resources from the state and federal government and student tuition and fees. Containing costs, efficiently using resources and maintaining high standards are part of our everyday challenge at CSCU and call for regular review of current efforts.

Work Groups

In order to continue our progress on working together as a system and to address a number of areas for restructuring and/or improvement which have been raised by people across the CSCU system, we are proposing the creation of work groups. With declining revenues and the need to maximize the system's resources to promote innovation, strategic alliances, strength and growth, it is an opportune time to put forward recommendations to the Board focused on streamlining processes and practices and fostering greater organizational effectiveness.

Work groups will make recommendations to the Board of Regents on ways to streamline processes and foster organizational effectiveness. These work groups include: Branding and Marketing, Compliance Issues, Enrollment and Retention Strategies, Financial Aid, Human Resources, and Purchasing/Contracts.
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Planning update report to the BOR, December 8, 2016
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Each group is charged with developing a set of recommendations that identify new initiatives and strategies to make system improvements including:

  • structural and/or process changes and associated organizational restructuring
  • regional/local collaborations
  • staff training/retraining and associated costs
  • expected cost savings

Financial Aid


  • Leader: President Paul Broadie, HCC
  • Leader: Jane Gates, System office
  • President Mary Ellen Jukoski, TRCC
  • President Joe Bertolino, SCSU
  • Jason Ebbeling, System office
  • Margaret Malaspina, CCC
  • Rich Bishop, CCSU
  • Alfred Williams, QVCC
  • Steve McDowell, System office
  • Greg DeSantis, FAC rep/HCC
  • Lynn Roller, FAC rep/GCC
  • student representative to be selected

Meeting Notes




  • Leader: President Ed Klonoski, COSC
  • Leader: Erika Steiner, System office
  • President Gena Glickman, MCC
  • Stephen Adair, FAC rep/CCSU
  • TJ Barber, FAC rep/MCC
  • Sandra Bispham-Haywood, System office
  • Chris Forster, System office
  • George Claffey, COSC

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Human Resources


  • Leader: President David Levinson, NCC
  • Leader: Steve Weinberger, System office
  • President Dorsey Kendrick, GCC
  • President Jack Miller, CCSU
  • Jay Brower, WCSU
  • Meg Leake, CCSU

Meeting Notes


Compliance Issues


  • Leader: President Cathryn Addy, TXCC
  • Leader: Ernestine Weaver, System office
  • President Anna Wasescha, MxCC
  • Sean Bradbury, System office
  • Judy Wallace, MxCC
  • Bob Brown, TXCC
  • Leah Glende, System office
  • Greg Daniels, System office

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Recruitment and Retention Strategies


  • Leader: President Elsa Nunez, ECSU
  • Leader: Jane Gates, System office
  • President Jim Lombella, ACC
  • President Mike Rooke, NWCC
  • President Daisy Cocco De Flippis, NVCC
  • William Gammell, System office
  • Barbara Richards, FAC rep/HCC
  • Mike Shea, FAC rep/SCSU
  • Myrna Garcia-Brown, FAC rep/CCSU
  • 2 student representatives to be selected

Meeting Notes




  • Leader: President Carlee Drummer, QVCC
  • Leader: Michael Kozlowski, System office
  • President Wilfredo Nieves, CCC
  • President John Clark, WCSU
  • Maribel La Luz, System office
  • Del Cummings, NVCC
  • William Lugo, ECSU
  • Gordon Plouffe, Student Advisory Committee

Meeting Notes


Draft Planning Timeline

August 2016

The planning process commences/scope of work confirmed

Progress report to CSCU President

September 2016

Initial strategies review by CSCU President

October 2016

Work groups gathering system wide feedback on initial strategies

November 2016

Work groups drafting of preliminary recommendations

December 2016

Preliminary recommendations to COP/BOR

January 2017

Work groups refine recommendations

February 2017

Work groups gathering system wide feedback on final recommendations

March 2017

Final recommendations to COP/BOR