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Faculty Remote & Online Learning

To properly support our students, certain technical competencies are necessary to successfully facilitate learning through tools such as Blackboard Learn and Microsoft Teams.

Several professional development and support opportunities are available for full and part-time faculty to strengthen their technology foundations, including self-paced tutorials, webinars, and a new faculty peer mentoring program.


Essential Technology Competencies: Self-Assessment, Webinar, and Resources

To help assist you in gauging your specific needs, we have developed a brief technology self-assessment survey that we strongly encourage all faculty to take. The results will not only help you determine what specific supports, if any, you may need, but it will provide anonymized data for our trainers to develop new training modules where needed.

In addition, in order to help faculty to develop some of the foundational technical skills that support the ability to make effective use of various educational technologies (such as Blackboard, Kaltura, Teams, etc.), a curated list of resources (i.e., videos, guides, web links) has been developed.

And finally, a live webinar will enable participants to see each of the identified competency tasks demonstrated, and provide the opportunity for questions and answers. The training webinar will be available along with other webinars on the online training calendar.

Online Training Calendar

A full catalog of facilitated online training events/webinars is housed within the Training Event Manager. The catalog features four foundational Blackboard webinars:

  • Blackboard – Getting Started Basics

  • Blackboard – Using the Discussion Board

  • Blackboard – Using the Assignment Tool

  • Creating/Managing Tests in Blackboard

  • Teams training

Visit the Training Event Manager to see the available sessions and register online.

Self-Paced Training Resources

In order to help faculty to develop some of the foundational technical skills that support the ability to make effective use of various educational technologies (such as Blackboard, Kaltura, Teams, etc.), a curated list of resources (i.e., videos, guides, web links) has been developed.

CSCU EdTech Training YouTube Channel

The CSCU EdTech Training YouTube Channel contains multiple playlists and videos that provide faculty with just-in-time learning resources for myCommNet, Office 365 Email, Blackboard, Kaltura, and WebEx.

"Course Design and Delivery Competencies" Self-paced Faculty Training Course

A new, self-paced training course focused on course design and delivery is now available. All faculty will be automatically enrolled into this course, and enrollments will be updated each term. This course provides both pedagogical as well as technical learning resources for faculty. It is appropriate for faculty who are teaching on-ground, live remote, hybrid, or fully online.

For faculty who are interested in completing the five "technical competency" badges that are required to earn the Teach Certificate--in addition to the "Best Practices of Online Pedagogy" course-- this course provides several units that are specifically designed to prepare instructors to successfully complete the badge-relaed competency demonstrations.

To access the course, login to the myCommNet portal, and launch Blackboard. You should see the course in your Course List in the section where you are enrolled as a student. If you don't please contact your local Ed Tech director. (For assistance on logging into myCommNet, please view this video tutorial.)

In addition to the Course Design and Delivery Competencies self-paced training course, you will also see another resource course in your Blackboard Course List, entitled Best Practices Demonstration Course for Faculty. This course models the recommended course organization (menu, folder layout, etc.) for courses in Blackboard . The more consistency there is among all course shells in Blackboard, the easier it will be for students to navigate as they move from course to course. The navigation and layout approach modeled in this course aligns with training related to course-building in Blackboard.

Faculty Peer Support Network

To address any core technology needs or questions, assist with course-building in Blackboard, help with the creation of graded assessments such as Discussions, Assignments, and Tests, or with the use Kaltura, SafeAssign, and other learning tasks, this new initiative connects community college faculty (full-time/part-time)that with experienced faculty peer mentors.

Interested faculty will schedule an appointment via Microsoft Bookings and receive an invitation to attend an online session within Microsoft TEAMS. Scheduled meetings, including a “Join” link, will automatically be added to your Office 365 college calendar. Appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellations must also be issued at least 24 hours in advance of the selected appointment date.

Visit the Microsoft Bookings site to schedule an appointment

Check out our Faculty Peer Mentor profiles

iTeach Certificate

To address The iTeach Certificate was introduced in the Connecticut Community Colleges back in 2008, and in 2018-2019, the entire program was re-created and re-designed.

Earning an the iTeach Certificate, faculty requires both of the following:

  1. Successful completion of the Best Practices of Online Pedagogy course. This course is designed to enhance instructional methodologies across all modalities with a specific focus in online delivery. It is a 6-week, online, facilitated (not self-paced) course. It focuses on pedagogy, not on the technical details of using Blackboard. It requires weekly discussion posts and a final reflective paper. Participants must earn 900 out of 1000 points to pass the course.
  2. Five technical badges in Blackboard tools. There are several units in the self-paced Course Design and Delivery Competencies course that are designed to help faculty to prepare to earn these badges.

Visit theiTeach Certificate website website for more details and to learn how to register.

Where to Start?

Not Sure Where to Start?

With such a wide variety of options, you may be uncertain which resources might be the best fit for you. If you have questions, the best place to start is with your local college Director of Educational Technology. If you are not sure who that is, visit the Community College Contacts support page, and look for the section listed for Blackboard.

Community College Contacts support page