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Delwyn F. Cummings

Delwyn F. Cummings

In February, 2018, Del Cummings was elected to serve as Vice Chair of the Faculty Advisory Committee to the Board of Regents. He is a Professor of Chemistry at NVCC, receiving a BS in Ceramic Engineering from Alfred University, an MS in Materials Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and an MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of Connecticut.

For the past 25 years at NVCC, he has taught courses in chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering, and management. He has served as Science Department Chair, Coordinator of the Environmental Science program, and Faculty Senate President.

Prior to coming to NVCC, he was employed by Pfizer, Inc. in a number of engineering and management positions. After five years at Pfizer, he left to help form the semiconductor technology firm, ATMI, in Danbury, CT. He holds six U.S. patents from his work at ATMI.

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