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The Telecommunications and Operations Department is responsible for the planning, development, acquisition and operation of telecommunication services for the research, instructional and administrative communities of CSCU.

Voice Services

Provides telephone and voice mail services for the CSCU system.  The unit manages the telephone, voice mail and E-911 systems at each location. 

Key services include:

  • Local and long distance telephone service
  • Voice mail
  • Consulting, training and help desk support for the voice systems

Construction Services

Construction Services provides consulting services for all CSCU construction projects with regard to telecommunications including infrastructure and equipment. Specifically, the unit participates in various project phases from initial budgeting through final design to ensure that CSCU Telecommunications guidelines are met.


The Operations unit supports the Data Center; its physical, environmental and security needs. It maintains the computer hardware and Wide-Area-Network for our enterprise systems, 24x7.