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Support Services

Providing a central Support Center for the IT services being offered to the faculty, students and staff of the CSCU member institutions.


The Support Services department of the Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides a central Support Center for the IT services being offered to the faculty, students and staff of the CSCU institutions. The mission of the Support Center is to provide quality and timely support in the use of the computing and information technology resources being provided.

In addition, the Support Services department is responsible for the client computing infrastructure including computer systems and peripherals, mobile devices, software applications, printing, computing facilities, inventory control, end-point security, and virtual desktop. The underlying goal focused on the development and deployment of a secured and high availability client computing infrastructure to mitigate risks, maintain continuity of operations and safeguard CSCU's information assets.

Key areas include

Client Security Client Computing Support Center

Client Security

Client Security assists the CSCU institutions in the implementation of technical controls, procedures and best practices to maintain a secure client computing environment.  The underlying goal being to implement measures that can balance enhanced security with the academic mission of our institutions.

Technical controls include:

  • Patch management for client operating systems, application software, etc.
  • Anti-virus, anti-spyware, enhanced security rules
  • Data Loss Prevention to find sensitive data and ensure it is only stored in approved, secure locations.
  • Endpoint Encryption to secure client devices that contain sensitive information
  • Application Whitelisting to further protect client device from malware attacks for "high risk" employees (i.e., those handling sensitive data)

Client Computing

Client computing provides ongoing computer support for a wide range of services for the BOR office staff and the CSCU Institutions.  Services include the following:

  • Installation & Support for Desktops, Laptops, and many mobile devices
  • Automated software distribution for multiple applications
  • Hardware and Software Purchasing, Support Contracts & Licensing
  • Coordination of computer repair services
  • Installation of all important application and operating system updates
  • Access to shared file space for users, departments and workgroups
  • Directory Support Services (account management, group policy, computers, security groups, etc.)
  • Email Support Services (user email, distribution lists, multi-client support, unified messaging, etc.)
  • Support for Wireless Connectivity to CSCU Network & Services
  • Print/Queue Management (multi-function: fax, printer, scanner)
  • Remote access support to clients for troubleshooting & remote connectivity technologies
  • Support for A/V Equipment in Conference Rooms & Room Reservation System

Support Center

The Support Center encompasses the following key service areas: