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Transfer and Articulation Program

The Transfer and Articulation Program (TAP) is a new program for ensuring Connecticut community college students complete degree programs that transfer to Connecticut State Universities and Charter Oak without either losing or generating excess credit.

About the Program

Students in the TAP will complete the first 60-63 credits at a community college and the final 60-63 credits at a CSU.

How it Works

Through TAP, students enrolled at a Connecticut Community College

  • Asnuntuck CC
  • Capital CC
  • Gateway CC
  • Housatonic CC
  • Manchester CC
  • Middlesex CC
  • Naugatuck Valley CC
  • Northwestern CT CC
  • Norwalk CC
  • Quinebaug Valley CC
  • Three Rivers CC
  • Tunxis CC

Can select from over 20 concentrations that prepare them to complete four-year bachelor’s degrees at

  • Central CSU
  • Eastern CSU
  • Southern CSU
  • Western CSU
  • Charter Oak SC


New transfer degree pathways will be available to students entering the community colleges in Fall 2016. View available programs at our Transfer Navigator.
Transfer Navigator


For more information about TAP, please contact the program Co-Managers:

Candace Barrington

Professor of English
Central Connecticut State University

Ken Klucznik

Professor of English
Manchester Community College

News & Updates


April 2016
We are pleased to announce that eleven CSCU Transfer Pathway Degrees have been approved by the Board of Regents after careful review by TAP's Framework Implementation and Review Committee (FIRC) and curriculum committees on all 17 CSCU campuses. These Transfer Degrees will be available to community college students in the Fall 2016 semester.
April 2016 Newsletter

December 2015
We are pleased to announce that the first TAP pathway—Biology—was approved by the Board of Regents on 3 December after careful review by TAP's Framework Implementation and Review Committee (FIRC) and curriculum committees on all 17 CSCU campuses.
December 2015 Newsletter

May 2015
This month's newsletter continues that FAQ format and addresses two important questions: Is each TAP pathway to a major a separate degree, or is there one degree with separate pathways? What does it mean when a degree program is labeled "TAP compliant"?
May 2015 Newsletter

April 2, 2015
This month, we address questions frequently asked about TAP, its implementation, and its long term consequences for Connecticut State Colleges and University faculty, staff, and students.
April 2, 2015 Newsletter

March 5, 2015
The following update is the first of a series of newsletters on the development and implementation of CSCU's Transfer and Articulation Policy (TAP). After a brief description of TAP, it turns to two areas of concern, (1) TAP’s compliance with NEASC standards and (2) TAP’s possible impact on the community colleges and their associate-degree programs.
March 5, 2015 Newsletter (pdf)

Policies & Minutes

Transfer and Articulation Policy

Connecticut families deserve a system of public higher education whose primary purpose is to produce graduates who form an engaged and well-informed citizenry, as well as a robust and appropriately educated workforce. To achieve this purpose, we must demonstrate that we provide a quality education. At the same time, we must create a clearly marked pathway from admission to graduation for all students by clarifying and streamlining the degree-program structures and transfer processes in our state colleges and universities to help students complete their post-secondary certifications and degrees as efficiently as possible.
View Policy (pdf)
View Framework30 (pdf)

Policy Statement on Associate Degrees

All degrees granted by the BOR to students will clearly identify the purpose or purposes they serve. In most cases, A.A. and A.S. degrees designed for transfer to CSCU institutions will follow Transfer and Articulation Policy (TAP) guidelines and processes to become CSCU Pathway Transfer A. A. and A.S. Degree: [Discipline Name] Studies within the CSCU system.
View Policy (pdf)

Name & Local Status of Pathway Transfer Degrees

The Transfer and Articulation Policy degree will be an umbrella degree with designations for each specific pathway and will be labeled by discipline as, CSCU Pathway Transfer A.A. / A.S. Degree: [Discipline] Studies. These pathways will not be advising options, but fully spelled-out degrees.
View Policy (pdf)

Protocol for System Approval

The campuses, following local governance procedures, will review and vote on endorsement of each discipline pathway. The results of these votes will be reported to the TAP Co-Managers who will bring them forward through the Academic Council to the Board of Regents for their information as they make their final decision regarding approval for the system.
View Protocol (pdf)

Protocol for Transfer of Courses and Unrestricted Electives

Each community college certifies courses for TAP Framework30 competencies. Many courses that are common to the community colleges are certified for the same Framework30 competency and transfer easily from one college to another. For example, Sociology 101, Principles of Sociology, in most cases, fulfills the Social Phenomena competency.
View Protocol (pdf)

Consortium Agreement

View Agreement (pdf)

TAP Framework Implementation and Review Committee

The TAP Framework Implementation and Review Committee has primary responsibility to oversee the TAP general education framework (Framework30), to monitor how the major pathways (Pathway30) are integrated with the Framework30, to review learning outcomes assessment data about general education outcomes provided by campuses, and to make advisory recommendations for adjustments to the TAP Framework. The FIRC shall serve as a clearinghouse for information and clarification.
Meeting Minutes
September 16, 2016 Minutes (pdf)
March 11, 2016 Minutes (pdf)
February 19, 2016 Minutes (pdf)
December 11, 2015 Minutes (pdf)
November 13, 2015 Minutes (pdf)
October 9, 2015 Minutes (pdf)
September 11, 2015 Minutes (pdf)
May 8, 2015 Minutes (pdf)
April 17, 2015 Minutes (pdf)
March 13, 2015 Minutes (pdf)
February 20, 2015 Minutes (pdf)
December 12, 2014 Minutes (pdf)
November 14, 2014 Minutes (pdf)
October 10, 2014 Minutes (pdf)
September 12, 2014 Minutes (pdf)
May 16, 2014 Minutes (pdf)
April 25, 2014 Minutes (pdf)

General Education

Outcomes, Assessment, and Vetting Courses for the Framework30:
Best Practices Workshop

The Outcomes, Assessment, and Vetting Courses workshop served 4 purposes: (a) bringing everyone up to speed on the TAP implementation process and the new Transfer Tickets with a quick overview, (b) exploring best practices for determining which courses fulfill the general education competencies, (c) beginning to plan for assessing those competencies, and (d) deepening student success conversations across areas of the Colleges and Universities. We invited campus teams comprising colleagues from different divisions because we have learned that multiple perspectives of the student experience help us reach the best solutions to complex problems.

Framework30 Outcomes: Suggested Rubrics

In the summer of 2012, a steering committee comprising 17 faculty members—one from each CSCU institution—created a framework for a 30-31 credit competency-based general education core as part of 60-61 credit transfer pathways to be completed at the community colleges. This framework was voted on by all colleges and universities and approved by the BOR in fall 2012 for implementation in the system.
View Framework30 (pdf)

Competency Outcomes and Goals

Common Package

The General Education courses in the Framework30 will, in general, not transfer course-by-course. They will transfer as a block of 30-31 credits from a Connecticut Community College and count as an agreed upon 30-31 credits of general education (as part of a completed CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree) at the receiving CSU or Charter Oak State College . The receiving block of credits, which varies by CSU and CO, is referred to as the "Common Package." The Common Packages do not transfer as a block from one CSU or Charter Oak to another CSU or Charter Oak.
View Composite Common Package (pdf)

General Education Courses by Category (Appendix)

  • ACC (pdf)
  • CCC (pdf)
  • GCC (pdf)
  • HCC (pdf)
  • MCC (pdf)
  • MxCC (pdf)
  • NCCC (pdf)
  • NCC (pdf)
  • NVCC (pdf)
  • QVCC (pdf)
  • TRCC (pdf)
  • TxCC (pdf)
  • CT Community College Section B Designations

    ACC Continued Learning/Information Literacy
    Oral Communication
    CCC Social Phenomena
    Aesthetic Dimension
    GCC Oral Communication
    Critical Analysis/Logical Thinking
    HCC Oral Communication
    Social Phenomena II
    MCC Oral Communication
    Continued Learning and Information Literacy
    MxCC Oral Communication
    Social Phenomena
    NCCC Continued Learning/Information Literacy
    Social Phenomena
    NCC Continued Learning/Information Literacy
    Oral Communication
    NVCC* Continued Learning/Information Literacy
    Oral Communication
    QVCC Oral Communication
    Critical Analysis/Logical Thinking
    TRCC Oral Communication
    Critical Analysis/Logical Thinking
    TCC Continued Learning/Information Literacy
    Critical Analysis/Logical Thinking
    *pending final approval

Campus Representatives

Select a group below:

Framework Implementation and Review Committee (FIRC)
Campus Name Contact Title
ACC Michelle Coach Assistant Professor, Biology/Science Coordinator
CCC Stephen Fagbemi Chair/Social and Behavioral Sciences
GCC Lauren Doninger Professor of Psychology
HCC Elizabeth Steeves Professor of Chemistry
MCC Nicole Esposito Instructor of Human Services
MxCC Patricia Raymond Professor/Business Administration & Marketing
NVCC Burton Tedesco Instructor/Theatre
NWCC Stacey Williams Business and Economics
NCC Gabe Adamek Professor of Mathematics
QVCC Brian Donohue-Lynch Professor of Anthropology and Sociology
TRCC Sarah Selke Professor of Biology
TxCC Francis Coan Professor of History
CCSU Beth Merenstein Professor of Sociology
ECSU Gail Gelburd Art History
SCSU Deborah Weiss Professor of Communication Disorders
WCSU Robin Gustafson Professor of Psychology
COSC Ruth MacDonald English
Non-voting ex officio members
WCSU Nicole Kullberg Associate Director of Admissions - Transfer
TxCC Kelly Pittman Transfer Coordinator, A
Biology Pathway Work Group
Campus Name Contact
ACC Michelle Coach
CCC Cleo Rolle
CCSU Mark Jackson
COSC Judy Wallace
ECSU Elizabeth Cowles
GCC Megan DeLivron
HCC Tony Pappantoniou
MCC Sharale Golding
MxCC Patrick Bryan
NVCC Larry Altman
NWCC Sharon Gusky
NCC Bet Frost
QVCC Melissa Philion
SCSU Sean Grace
TRCC Diba Khan-Bureau
TxCC Lynn Laskowski
WCSU Mitch Wagener
Campus Cross-Divisional Teams
Name Campus Office Email
Jennifer Anilowski              ACC Director of Admissions
Diane Clokey             ACC Registrar
Michelle Coach            ACC FIRC Representative
Amanda Looney-Goetz          ACC Transfer Counselor
Jill Rushbrook                         ACC Director of Advising
Teresa Foley                           ACC Liberal Arts Department Chair
Michael Demers                     ACC Art, Business, CareersDepartment Chair
Tim St. James                          ACC Interim Dean of Students
Beth Egan                               ACC Interim Director of Financial Aid
Mike Stefanowicz ACC Academic Dean
Gregg Gorneault CCC Admissions
Argelio Marrero CCC Registrar
Tyesha Wood CCC Welcome & Advising Center
Marsha Ball-Davis CCC Student Services
Sabrina Adams-Roberts CCC Counselor
Margaret Malaspina CCC Financial Aid
Jane Bronfman CCC Marketing
Debbie Thomas CCC Dean of Academic Affairs
Ryan Pierson CCC Associate Academic Dean
Stephen Fagbemi CCC FIRC Representative
Becky DeVito CCC Psychology
Kathleen Herron CCC Counselor
Jeffrey Partridge CCC Humanities
Andre' Freeman CCC Science & Mathematics
Doris Arrington CCC Dean of Student Services
Jeanette Rivera CCC Welcome & Advising Center
Beth Merenstein CCSU FIRC representative, Chair
Doug Benoit CCSU Admissions
Mary Pat Bigley CCSU School of Education and Professional Studies
Richard Bishop CCSU Financial Aid
Justine Gamache CCSU School of Engineering, Science & Technology
Myrna Garcia-Bowen CCSU Transfer & Articulations
Cristina Higham CCSU School of Business
Laura Minor CCSU College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Patrick Tucker CCSU Registrar
Lori Pendleton COSC
Jennifer Washington COSC Registrar
Ralph Brasure III COSC
Linda Larkin COSC
Ruth MacDonald COSC
Gail Gelbard ECSU FIRC Representative
Jeanelle Day ECSU FIRC alternate
Darren Robert ECSU Outcomes Assessment Coord
Alison LoPriore ECSU Academic Advising
Jeff Buskey ECSU Admissions
Kathy Wrana ECSU Financial Aid
Polly Silva ECSU Provost's Office
Ellen Gillette ECSU Registrar's Office
Michael Buccilli GCC Director of Counseling and Student Services
J.A. Tony Carberry GCC Director of Enrollment Management
Kellie Byrd Danso GCC Director of Career Services
Lauren Doninger GCC FIRC Representative
Lorraine Li GCC Faculty, Economics
Maribel Lopez GCC Registrar
Angela Richter GCC Assist to the Academic Dean
Lynn Roller GCC Faculty, Allied Health
Vincent Tong GCC Director of Institutional Research
Paul Broadie II HCC President
Terry Brown HCC Acting Dean of Academic Affairs
Greg DeSantis HCC Associate Director of Financial Aid
Debbie Kuchmas HCC Retention Associate for General Studies
Joan Lloyd HCC Faculty, Chemistry
Carmen Medina HCC Counselor
Driss Mellouk HCC Faculty, Foreign Languages
Laurie Noe HCC Faculty, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Pam Pirog HCC Faculty, Business
Rebecca Samberg HCC Faculty, Developmental Studies
Elizabeth Steeves HCC FIRC Representative
Laura Turiano HCC Faculty, Human Services and Psychology
Shirley Zajdel HCC Faculty, Math/Science
Barbara Richards HCC FAC
Gail Arroyo MCC Asst registrar
Kevin Bechard MCC Faculty, business
Nicole Esposito MCC FIRC reprsentative
Meghan Finley MCC Faculty, Social Science
Jennifer Gutterman MCC Faculty, Graphic Arts
Kimberly Hamilton-Bobrow MCC Faculty, Liberal Arts
Kathryn Kleis MCC Faculty, Criminal Justice
Pamela McManus MCC Faculty, Science
David Nielsen MCC IR
Christopher Paulin MCC Faculty, Social Science
Jana Sime MCC Faculty, Mathematics
Robert Turner MCC Transfer Counselor
Steven Minkler MxCC Academic Dean
Rebecca Loew MxCC Curriculum Committee Chair
Adrienne Maslin MxCC Dean of Students
Jaime Flores MxCC Academic Division Director: School of Arts & Media, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Lin Lin MxCC Academic Division Director: School of Allied Health, Business, and STEM
Patty Raymond MxCC TAP-FIRC Liaison
Chris Gargamelli MxCC Veterinary Technology Program Coordinator
Emily Canto MxCC Counselor
Catherine Hostetter MxCC English Instructional Support Specialist
Gail Mozzicato MxCC Counselor
Gayle Barrett MxCC Admission Director
Joanne Faust MxCC Associate Registrar
James Cousins NVCC Admissions
Bonnie Goulet NVCC CAPSS
Martha Charris NVCC Danbury Campus
Burton Tedesco NVCC Asst Prof of Theater
Ed Clancy NVCC Associate Registrar
Lisa Rodrigues-Doolabh NVCC IR Director
Kathleen Leblanc NVCC Professor of Human Services
Ron Picard NVCC Assoc Deanof Academic Affairs
Bob Howard NCC Social & Behavioral Science, co-chair
Susan Steiz NCC Business, co-chair
Gabriel Adamek NCC Math, FIRC
John Alvord NCC Art, Architecture, & Design
Patrick Cassidy NCC Information Science
Phyllis Fitzpatrick NCC Institutional Research
Ed Grippe NCC Humanities
Diane Kiraly NCC Nursing
Linda Lerman NCC Library
Jonathan McMenamin-Balano NCC Science
Meira Rosenberg NCC Developmental Studies
Rick Boger-Hawkins NCCC
English/Communication faculty [TBD] NCCC
Ruth Gonzalez NCCC Director of Student Development
Doug Hoffman NCCC
Joanne Nardi NCCC Associate Fiscal Administration
Stacey Williams NCCC
Debbie Zavatkay NCCC Registrar
Patricia Bouffard NCCC Dean Academic Affairs
Mike Rooke NCCC President
Robert Kozlowski QVCC Director of Advising and Retention Services
Amy Kacerik QVCC Director Student Services
Sarah Hendrick QVCC Associate Director of Admissions
Kimberly Rich QVCC Director of Financial Aid
Pauline Clifford QVCC Director of Educational Technology
Christopher Parden QVCC Program Coordinator for Computer Service
Brian Donahue-Lynch QVCC FIRC Representative
Deb Weiss SCSU FIRC Representataive
Teresita Sass SCSU Enrollment Management
Anna Rivera-Alfaro SCSU Advising
Steve Marcelynas SCSU Advising
Michael Benavie SCSU IR
Tamika Davis TxCC Admissions
Susan Winn TxCC Registrar
Melissa Lamar TxCC Marketing
Steve Mead TxCC IT
Kelly Pittman TxCC Transfer Counsellor
Fran Coan TxCC FIRC Representative
David England TxCC Dean of Academic Affairs
Lynn Laskowski TxCC Faculty, Biology
Amy Feest TxCC Faculty, Business Adm
Nick Stugard TxCC Faculty, Math
Steve Ersinghaus TxCC Faculty, English
Bob Brown TxCC FAC
David Burns WCSU Mathematics Faculty
Pam McDaniels WCSU Visual and Performing Arts Faculty
Keith Gauvin WCSU Registrar
Isabel Carvalho WCSU Academic Advisement
Nicole Kullberg WCSU Admissions and FIRC Representative
Robin Gustafson WCSU FIRC Representative
Chemistry Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC Amely Cross
CCSU Barry Westcott
CO Jennifer Washington
Communication Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC Wendy Nelson
CCC Jennifer Thomassen
CCSU Chris Pudlinski
CO Jennifer Washington
ECSU Denise Matthews
HCC Karyn Smith
MCC Rebecca Townsend
  Albert Kim
  Brion van Over
MxCC John Shafer
NVCC Amy Lenoce
NVCC Rachael Leite
NWCC April Dolata
QVCC Ling-chuan Chu
SCSU Dave Petroski
  Wes O'Brien
TRCC Mike Stutz
TxCC Patrice Hamilton
WCSU Bill Petkanas
WCSU Jay Brower
Computer Science Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC Lou Sapia
CCC Michael Ligon
CCSU Bradley Kjell
CO Richard McCarthy
ECSU Huan-Yu Tu
GCC Stacy Walker
HCC Farshad Ravanshad
MCC Richard Gnall
MxCC Lin Lin
NVCC Sandra Eddy
NWCC Mike Gow
NCC Tom Duffy
QVCC Chris Parden
SCSU Winny Yu
TRCC Allan Anderson
TxCC Andre Blaszczynski
WCSU Gancho Ganchev
Criminology Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
Early Childhood Education Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC Carol LaLiberte
CCC Marsha Bryant
CO Carole Weisberg
ECSU Theresa Bouley
ECSU Jeff Trawick-Smith
GCC Carmelita Valencia Daye
  Susan Longston
HCC Shelley Tomey
MCC Susan Van Ness
MxCC Norma Rosado-Javier
NVCC Cindy Meo
NCCC Michele Better
NCC Joan Parris
QVCC Sue Spencer
  Cyndi Shirshac
SCSU Beena Achhpal
TRCC Sheila Skahan
TxCC Jackie Coyne
Elementary Education Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC Carol LaLiberte
CCSU Mary Pat Bigley
CO Jennifer Washington
ECSU Ann Anderberg
GCC N/A    
HCC Laurie Noe
MCC Robert Turner
NVCC N/A    
NWCC Michele Better
NCC N/A    
QVCC N/A    
SCSU Helen Marx
  Greg McVerry
TRCC N/A    
TxCC Jackie Coyne
English Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC John Sheirer
CCC Antoinette Brim
CCSU Cohen Steve
CO Bev Wall
ECSU Lisa Fraustino
GCC Alex Boateng
HCC Rebecca Adams
MCC James Gentile
MxCC Christine Ruggiero
NVCC Ron Picard
NWCC April Dolata
NCC Cindy Casper
QVCC Brian Kaufman
SCSU Smyth Andrew
TRCC Susan Topping
TxCC Steve Ersinghaus
WCSU Don Gagnon
Exercise Science Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC N/A    
CCSU Kim Kostelis
CO Jennifer Washington
ECSU Greg Kane
GCC Todd Degree
MCC Allison MacKenzie
MxCC N/A    
NVCC Patricia Beaupre
NWCC N/A    
NCC Paul Gallo
QVCC N/A    
SCSU Pat Panichas
TRCC Heidi Zenie
TxCC N/A    
Foreign Languages Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC N/A    
CCC Karlene Ball
CCSU Lourdes Casas
CO Jennifer Washington
ECSU Kin Chan
GCC Victoria Morse
HCC Jamilet Ortiz
MCC Linda Burk
MxCC Angelo Glaviano
NVCC Anne Mattrella
NWCC N/A    
NCC Estelle Dattolo
QVCC Elkin Espitia-Loaiza
SCSU Luisa Piemontese
TRCC M. Celeste Arrieta
TxCC Lisa Celona
WCSU Galina Bakhtiarova
History Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC Elle Van Dermark
CCC Marcus Lawson
CCSU Kathy Hermes
CO Richard Gerber
ECSU Anna Kirchmann
GCC Joe Maynard
HCC Matthew Dunne
MCC Guocun Yang
MxCC Victor Triay
NVCC Karla Ekquist-Lechner
NCCC Todd Bryda
QVCC Jayne Battye
SCSU Polly Beals
TRCC Peter Patsouris
TxCC Fran Coan
WCSU Wynn Gadkar-Wilcox
Mathematics Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC Pat Hirschy
CO Jennifer Washington
Music Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC Michael Demers
CCC Josh Hummel
CCSU Carlotta Parr
CO Jennifer Washington
ECSU Anthony Cornicello
GCC Chester Schnepf
HCC N/A    
MCC Deborah Simmons
MxCC Jaime Flores
NVCC Andrew Ardizzaoia
NWCC N/A    
NCC Christine Mangone
QVCC N/A    
SCSU David Chevan
TRCC N/A    
TxCC Carianne Garside
WCSU Timothy Wiggins
Physical Education Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC N/A    
CCSU Kim Kostelis
CO Jennifer Washington
GCC N/A    
MCC N/A    
MxCC N/A    
NVCC N/A    
NWCC N/A    
NCC N/A    
QVCC N/A    
SCSU Pat Panichas
TRCC Heidi Zenie
Physics Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC Amely Cross
CCSU Peter LeMaire
CO N/A    
ECSU N/A    
GCC Robert Tremblay
HCC Robert Ryder
MCC Neguisse Tirfessa
MxCC Mark Busa
NVCC Peter Benzi
NWCC N/A    
NCC Phillip Gee
QVCC John Lewis
SCSU Matthew Enjalran
TRCC Bob Niedbala
TxCC Robert Hadley
WCSU N/A    
Political Sciences Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC Elle Van Dermark
NWCCCharles Kelly
Psychology Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC Jean Egan
CCC Lilliam Martinez
CCSU Steven Horowitz
CO Maureen Conard
ECSU Wendy Everton
GCC Teresa Russo
HCC Mike Amico
MCC Len Dupille
MxCC Andrea Levy
NVCC Larry Venuk
NWCC Bob Beck
NCC Gary Capobianco
QVCC Ling-chuan Chu
SCSU Larry Brancazio
TRCC Dov Kugelmass
WCSU Shane Murphy
Special Education Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC Carol LaLiberte
CCSU N/A (only in graduate program)
CO Jennifer Washington
GCC Earnestine Kirkland
MCC Nicole Esposito
MxCC N/A    
NVCC N/A    
NWCC N/A    
NCC N/A    
QVCC N/A    
SCSU Yan Wei
Kara Faraclas
TRCC Sheila Skahan
Social Work Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC Carol LaLiberte
CCC Josiah Ricardo
CCSU Cathy Baratta
CO Jennifer Washington
ECSU Eunice Matthews-Armstead
GCC Kim Shea
HCC Ed Keane
MCC Diane Freeman
MxCC Judith Felton
NVCC Kathleen LeBlanc
NWCC Charles Kelly
NCC Carol Harker
QVCC Heath  Hightower
SCSU Steven Hoffler
TRCC Joyce Martin
TxCC Colleen Richard 
WCSU Rebecca Wade-Rancourt
Sociology Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC Laurie Chancey
Studio Art Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC Michael Demers
CCSU Rachel Siporin
CCSU Eleanor Thornton
CO Jennifer Washington
ECSU Gail Gelburd
GCC Nicholas Halko
HCC John Favret
MCC Dan Long
MxCC Judith deGraffenried
NVCC Amand Lebel
NWCC Janet Nesteruk
NCC Joe Fucigna
QVCC Ann Joly
SCSU David Levine
TRCC Sandra Jeknavorian
TxCC Carianne Mack Garside
WCSU Jack Tom
Theater Pathway Work Group
Campus First Name Last Name Contact
ACC Michael Demers
CCC Kevin Lamkins
CCSU Scott Bartley
CO Jennifer Washington
ECSU David Pellegrini
GCC Chester Schnepf
HCC Geoff Sheehan
MCC Albert Kim
MxCC Jaime Flores
NVCC Burton Tedesco
NWCC N/A    
NCC Christine Mangone
QVCC N/A    
SCSU Larry Nye
TRCC N/A    
TxCC George Sebastian-Coleman
WCSU Pamela McDaniel

Pathways Under Review

TAP Transfer Degrees/Pathways Under Review

General Guidelines for Campus Endorsement

Before February 2017, 13 disciplinary pathway degrees will need to be reviewed on campuses and forwarded to ASA and BOR.
Download Guidelines (pdf)

Approved TAP Transfer Degrees/Pathways