Health & Life Sciences Career Initiative

The Health & Life Sciences Career Initiative (HL-SCI) will prepare unemployed or underemployed individuals (including veterans, trade adjustment assistance impacted workers, dislocated workers and others) for careers in the health and life sciences.

About HL-SCI

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Lesley D Mara
Senior Project Director
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CT Health and Life Science Career Initiative a featured on WPKN's Community Discussions Project Director, Michele Y. Barnett, Esq. share grant information in a 30-minute radio interview.
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Participating Institutions

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Growth in Connecticut

In Connecticut, the health and life sciences represent an area of strategic growth supported by significant public and private investment.

Approximately 200,000 people in the state work in health and life science industries, with another 11,000 additional jobs expected in the next eight years.

How The Initiative Works

  • Creates 15 new certificate/degree programs and aligns for-credit certificate programs with industry credentials.
  • Offers math and science boosters online and as smart phone apps.
  • Offers online/hybrid learning courses to accelerate course completion.
  • Enables students to earn college credits for work skills and on-the-job learning, helping to reduce time to completion.
  • Helps HL-SCI participants find jobs in the industry.

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Health & Life Sciences Career Initiative

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