August 2022

Connecticut Community College System Ranked First in the Nation

Governor Ned Lamont and U.S. Congressman John Larson joined CSCU President Terrence Cheng, CT State President John Maduko, Capital Community College CEO G. Duncan Harris, and Capital student Tamyra Curry, in celebrating Connecticut’s number one ranking as the Best Community College System in the United States in a recent Wallet Hub study.

In addition, four Connecticut Community Colleges – Capital, Manchester, Naugatuck Valley, Northwestern Connecticut Community Colleges — were ranked among the top 15 Best Community Colleges in the country.

“We have the number one community college system in the country and a comprehensive free community college program,” said Governor Ned Lamont. “There has never been a better time for students to enroll and pursue a degree or certificate in an in-demand career.”

Governor Lamont said state community colleges offer a pipeline in getting students into the workforce with the skills they need and credited programs – like the EMT and Eversource lineman programs at Capital Community College — as giving people the opportunity to move forward.

“For those looking to train for in-demand jobs, we have programs that can get you from classroom to career in mere weeks. For those seeking associate degrees, we have programs in everything from health care, to technology, to STEM, that can translate directly into a great job,” said CSCU President Terrence Cheng. “For students looking for a four-year degree, community colleges are a great place to start. PACT gives the opportunity for students to earn an associate degree for free and seamlessly transfer to one of our Connecticut State Universities.”

Cheng thanked Governor Lamont and the state legislature for creating and continuing to support the PACT program. For the first time, he said, PACT is now available to part-time students who should apply before classes start on Aug. 29.

“As community colleges are open enrollment institutions, I believe we are the best in higher education. We don’t choose our students, our students choose us,” said CT State President Maduko. “As the 12 community colleges form into the singly accredited CT State, we are going to continue the legacy of the strength of community colleges.”

Capital Community College (CCC) CEO Harris said the work of faculty, staff and administrators that helped achieve this ranking.  “Our students, their families and the workplaces that employ them with good paying jobs that allow them to stay in the state and thrive, are the beneficiaries of this work,” said Harris.

Tamyra Curry, a business management major at CCC is one of these beneficiaries. She will graduate in CCC December and has an underwriter assistant internship at CAPSpecialty in Hartford. The company, she said, has offered her a full-time job.

“I didn’t think I was smart enough for college, but came to Capital and had amazing, incredible and supportive teachers who are the reason where I am now,” said Curry. “This is where I am supposed to be.”

David O’Brien is enrolled in the paramedic program at CCC. He is currently a firefighter and EMT in Mansfield but wanted to take the next step in his career to become a paramedic. “Capital was the perfect fit for me. It gave me the flexibility and work life balance to be in the program,” he said.


(Left to right) CSCU President Terrence Cheng, U.S. Congressman John Larson, Governor Ned Lamont, CCC Student Tamyra Curry, CT State President John Maduko, and CCC CEO G. Duncan Harris
CSCU President Terrence Cheng
CCC Student Tamyra Curry
(Left to right) John O’Brien, CCC paramedic student; and Trish Wain, director of CCC’s Paramedic Program.
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