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About COT

About the College of Technology (COT)

COT provides career pathways for students to earn certificates, Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in Engineering and Technology disciplines. COT reduces barriers to education by providing a seamless articulation between the community colleges and the four-year partner universities. In addition, the COT uniquely integrates all of the aforementioned college and universities systems through offering multiple points of entry for completion of degrees.

COT History

The COT was established in 1995 under Connecticut Public Law 95-04 to form articulation agreements between all twelve Connecticut community colleges and public and private partner universities. This unique infrastructure and governance provides seamless articulation between the community colleges and their four-year partner universities providing multiple points of entry for degree completion. For over 20 years the COT has been providing leadership for the transfer pathways and has been recognized as a model transfer program.

Leadership Structure

The COT is led by a State Director and a Site Coordinator's Council, which meets monthly, includes representatives from all 12 Connecticut community colleges, 4-year public and private university partners, the Connecticut Technical High School System, and business and industry partners.

Objectives and Outcomes

The College of Technology is proud to be a part of the Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing, a National Science Foundation Center of Excellence

The College of Technology is not a distinct, NEASC CIHE accredited entity.