Dual Admission

The Connecticut State Universities (CSU) and the Connecticut Community Colleges have developed a Transfer Compact which offers Dual Admission to students who are planning to enroll at a CSU university after completing an associate's degree.

About Dual Admission

It has never been easier to start your higher education at one of Connecticut's 12 community colleges and finish at Central, Eastern, Southern or Western Connecticut State University. The Dual Admission program makes it easy to outline your path to success, and take advantage of exceptional program benefits.
How to Begin

Who is eligible?

The Dual Admission program is designed for students who:
  • Plan to earn an associate's degree from one of the 12 Connecticut Community Colleges (in 5 years or less).
  • Plan to pursue a bachelor's degree at one of the 4 Connecticut State University institutions, beginning within two years of completing associate's degree.
  • Have earned 15 or fewer transferable college credits at the community college at the time of application.

What are the advantages

  • Guaranteed Admission
    Students are guaranteed admission to the selected CSU institution upon successful completion of their associate's degree with a minimum 2.0 GPA. Specific academic and professional programs may have additional admission requirements.
  • Coordinated Academic Advising
    While completing the associate's degree, students receive personalized academic advising from both community college and university advisors to ensure that appropriate coursework is completed and that all credits taken at the community college will apply toward their bachelor's degree.
  • Library Access
    Students have full library privileges at the university they have designated, even while completing their associate's degree at a community college.
  • Registration Preference
    After earning and associate's degree, students are given course registration and on-campus housing options equivalent to university juniors.
  • Smooth Transition
    Students enjoy a smooth transition because they take classes that will transfer, have met regularly with university staff while attending community college, have become familiar with the university's academic policies and know which upper-level classes they will need to take at the university.

Why you should participate

Starting your education at a community college is a convenient and affordable way to pursue your educational goals. The Dual Admission application process is streamlined, allowing you to apply to both a community college and a university within the Connecticut State Universities at the same time.

Academic advisors from both institutions help ensure that your credits will be accepted easily when you move from one of Connecticut's 12 community colleges to earn your bachelor's degree at Central, Eastern, Southern, or Western.
Get Started

As easy as 1, 2, 3...


Dual Admission application is available for download
Download (pdf)
  • Complete the application for admission to one of the 12 community colleges and submit it along with the required application fee directly to the community college.
  • Submit to the community college an official copy of your high school transcript or GED and copies of transcripts from all previously attended colleges/universities.
  • Submit a completed Dual Admission application, and the application fee of the participating university that you designate, directly to the community college along with your community college application materials.

The Dual Admission application must be signed by a community college advisor before being forwarded to the designated university by the community college contact. You are required to meet with a community college advisor.

What happens next?

Community college personnel will review your submitted Dual Admission application and send it to the Office of Admissions at the designated Connecticut State University institution. You will be notified by the university to confirm your status as a Dual Admission student. Dual Admission students meet with both community college and university advisors throughout their community college enrollment.


Please contact the admissions office at any of the participating colleges and universities if you have questions or would like to learn more about this exciting opportunity.


To learn more, contact the admissions office of one of the Connecticut Community Colleges below.

Connecticut Community Colleges

Connecticut State Universities

About the Course List

The posted listings are Connecticut Community College common courses most recommended for transfer towards general education credit at each university in the Connecticut State Universities.

The far left column is organized by academic area groupings as outlined in the Dual Admission Agreement, specifying the number of guaranteed credits, and is mapped to the components of the General Education programs at each university.

Please use the listing for the CSU university that you have designated as a guide as you prepare to visit your advisor. By using this data, and your intended major at the university, you will be able to plan the best possible course of studies that will maximize the smooth transition upon earning your associate's degree.

NOTE: The Dual Admission Program guarantees that students signing and complying with the stated provisions will earn between 31 and 36 credits of General Education credits for the designated university, distributed across the discipline categories spelled out in the agreement.

Many professional and academic programs have pathway or articulation agreements which provide more detail on course requirements and program admission criteria. Students are urged to consult with their academic advisors while at the community college.


The April 22, 2009 Transfer Compact Agreement between the Connecticut State Universities (CSU) and its four universities and the Connecticut Community College System and its 12 colleges guides the implementation of the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed on March 29, 2007.

Specifically, the Transfer Compact is for students who identify early in their college careers that they wish to earn a bachelor degree at one of the universities after completing an associate degree at one of the community colleges.
Dual Admission Glossary (PDF) Appeals Process (PDF)